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United Airlines Reviews

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  • Travel disruption and refund

    Hi, My name is Alberto Lozano. First of all, I would like to mention that I have an open Case ID : 15656300 Airport Experience KMM45919472V73129L0KM since July 20th with NO response at all from United. I have made several phone calls to customer service in order to follow up my refund request with no luck. My e-mails, voice mails and all information I have uploaded online into your portal www.united.com// feedback have been IGNORED. As you know it is imposible to get a single person to assist by phone as you donot have that option. This is the last time I Will present this request... More...
    albertol's Picture   albertol    2 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service with UNited

    I called United Airlines and asked if I had enough miles to get "A Round-trip Ticket" and the agent said "yes". I then asked if he can book my flight since I have enough mile points for a round-trip ticket. After finding the times I wanted for the ticket the United Airlines Agent said you will have to pay $86.20 for taxes and other miscellaneous taxes. I was okay with that and I even confirmed with the agent MULTIPLE TIMES before he charged my credit card if that was ONLY PAYING $86.20 FOR TOTAL COST. Agent said YES and even said I will waive the $25 dollar charge for... More...
    greisy's Picture   greisy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travel Ticket

    I have been a member of mileage plus. explorer since the early nineties . I am 85 years old . I made one mistake on my traveling day and now I must pay two hundred dollars for that mistake ,please I don't have that kind of money . please reconsider . Charge no. 115628062596 Itinerary no.7288610965253 Abdur Raqeeb Wali More...
    muslim413's Picture   muslim413    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    Hi I travel on August 16th from tampa Florida to Newark Airport the flight was good, when I arrive to Newark the plane suppose leave to 1.35pm a was delayed almost 2hours never announced anything I was asking what was the problem the person on the desk said I will go and find out finally at 2.10pm all the pilot come out and I ask they said at was something wrong with the plane we going to another gate finally we left almost 2.49pm I call customer service already 2 times with no respond, I was 1 hour later the same on my way back to Tampa on the 23rd confirmation #je92p6 my email is... More...
    Vincenza's Picture   Vincenza    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flight changed

    On Wednesday August 30, 2017 I had flight from Newark nj to Orlando fl it was supposed to be at 2:30 and when I got there to my surprise it had bee changed to 5:40 in the. Afternoon I had No notification on it. And when I ask no one new anything about it. I ask another employee and I was ignored. It was my husband and I first time flying with United and last time too. My number is 4077915301 I would like to know what happened to our flight and why no one had an answer to my questions we were there since 11:30 am More...
    Henryj4235's Picture   Henryj4235    0 Comments   Comments
  • Seats concerned

    UA 1431 19, August, 2017 LAX to Honolulu ETKT0169567654000 & 4001. We were retired couple traveling, as retired, we tried to stand up at the end back of empty seats knowing that those seats are for everyone since it's empty..we both seated and stretching our legs an old man crew came and say " hay, keep away from those seats, you are not allowed" in a very rude manner, no excuse or good manners approached and treated us like a small kids, even a kid needs to be respected. So, my husband stood up and say nothing, but it bothers me so much, approached him at back quarter... More...
  • Nightmare at United Airlines Honolulu

    My name is Lillian Dodds, my travel companion is Lenore Pride.On 08/21/2017, we arrived at 3:30pm to catch our flight at 10:33pm. Our confirmation #s were: BGC4M9 (Lenore) & AM9FYZ (Mine). We checked our luggage with the skycap curbside and requested 2 wheel chairs for transportation due to both of our physical disabilities. Our transporter took us to gate 8 for our return flight to L.A.X. We were left there after the first flight and much to our dismay, the transporters were absent. Indignant, neglected, and stressed, Mrs. Pride trudged to the ticket taker and asked about the status of... More...
  • flight complaint

    To whom it may concern I Jacqueline Vicente am writing this message to seek for assistance in regard to a recent frustrating experience my daughter and I had with United Airlines. We were schedule to fly on 08-03-2017 at 6:00 pm from LGA to Houston TX, flight #1167. The Flight got delay. We were on standby, and at 1:30am next day we were informed that our flight was cancelled. United Airline also told us to leave and come back at 5:00 am, that we were schedule for the next flight departing at 7:00am on 08-04-2017. My daughter and I left and came back as we were told. At 8:00am we were told... More...
    J0809's Picture   J0809    0 Comments   Comments
  • luggage lost

    August5 I left from Portland Me to Columbus O. In Washington they lost my luggage and had to deliver it at 4:00 in the Morning. Then coming back home we were suppose to leave Columbus at 12:08 but didn't leave till 1:15 because of Newark. I had to run to my next gate in Newark and just made it. And guess my luggage was not in Portland when I got there so I had to wait for it at 6:30. I am a very nervous flier so needless to say I am not a happy camper.Aug. 5 was flight6145 and6167. and the one coming back was4335 and3795 More...
  • United/ticket cancellation notification

    I made a reservation last Oct 9, 2016, but not long after reservations were made I broke my left foot. I am currently trying to get compensation from my credit card company and need confirmation that my reservation was cancelled. My confirmation # is HBT5FS. Please confirmation of cancellation to my email account of larry.herro@ymail.com or to my home address of 92 Abbey Lane, London,KY 40744 . My phone # is (606) 864-7663. Wanda Herron More...
    love1971's Picture   love1971    0 Comments   Comments
  • united passengers

    booked 4 seats on United for August 10th. Did NOT know we were booking Basic Economy. Called the airline to pay for economy seats and to sit with my family. If I am paying to sit with my family I would like to do that. Also requested that we do not get a window seat. So far, I have seats that really are not acceptable. We fly from BWI to Denver and those seats are in row 35..BC and DE that is fine. Then they change to row 32 AB and 35 AB. not so good. we are 3 rows away and they gave us 2 window seats. From Palm Springs to San Fran. they gave us row 32 BC and DE. Fine. But from San Fran... More...
    1potato's Picture   1potato    0 Comments   Comments


    On July 2, 2017 were told that our plane, was not going to arrive on time, leaving Houston,Texas at 1;35 going to Chicago,Illinois then going to Moline, Illinois ,due to maintenance issues , how ever the ticket agent, kept coming on intercom saying that the plane would be here at such and such a time, it never came in now its almost 61/2 hours later, their telling us that we have to go to a different terminal, l way across the airport, to Now! board a different plane going to Denver Co!!!, we go and once we board the plane we find out that United airlines gave $300.00 ticket vouchers out... More...
    RickeyMcbride's Picture   RickeyMcbride    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude Service..United CEO is a clown

    I was on flight 3723 Buffalo to chicago. Flight was delayed and then cancelled. Front desk agents were rude and seemed like they hated their jobs. They blamed the delay on flight controll, I requested a manager, he was also rude and he blamed it on the Federal Government. Really! I had to pay for a hotel for six hours and returned to terminal the next morning. I will miss a Alaska Flight later today from PDX to GEG. When I called Alaska air their people were polite and rescheduled me at no cost. You should have the clown CEO you are over paying scrap the $10,000 bump fee he... More...
    RicLarsen's Picture   RicLarsen    0 Comments   Comments
  • united airlines attendant

    I'm not sure where to start. My children an I flew into St. Paul, I had to take an emergency flight home. We attempted to depart with the same bags. I was told I would have to pay additional money for my daughters carry on "purse" and laptop. This would total $110.00. I expressed that this was the same luggage that I had coming in but agreed to pay. I also asked to talk to the supervisor ( Donald Michelson). The attendant Michelle Woods walked over and told him "she wants to talk to you, so you can tell her the same thing I just did"!! I was annoyed right away. I... More...
  • Customer service agent Attitude

    Very dissatisfied with customer service agent last night at LAX flight 5906 to Phx She was very rude in reference to my carry on bag didn't allow me to make adjustment to bag because I had just taken off my sweatshirt from connecting flight because little warm she only said I will see about baggage and told me to pay $50.didn't allow me option of free like passenger in front of me even passenger ahead of me thought she was rude for giving free to her not me More...
    MrsBoston's Picture   MrsBoston    1 Comments   Comments
  • United Airlines; Request refund

    On 062217, my daughter, who lives in another state ( i live in CA) helped me reserved an UAL reservation ( N9CJS2) for a family emergency in Ohio ( sister stroke and subsequent death the next day). My daughter told me that she took care of a standby upgrade on my trip back on 062517 and she instructed me that when i check in on return flight, i should ask for a first class upgrade . Due to ignorance about the process, i checked in online 18 hours before the flight ( should have waited to check in at airport desk) and ask for an upgrade assuming that if there is a seat, that means the... More...
    gbduane's Picture   gbduane    2 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointed

    I was scheduled to fly out yesterday threw American Airlines however by flight was delayed 45 mins due to weather I had a connecting flight in Dallas bringing me to Houston, however the flight attendant suggested bc I was traveling with an infant to take a flight the next day threw United bc my connection was the last of the day. Meaning if I didn't make it I would have been stuck over night in Dallas. Ok great thank you, I prefer not to chance it. Schedules my flight for 635am I arrive at the airport an hour and 48 mins before my flight get in line to get my ticket bc I have an infant... More...
    Lineiereames's Picture   Lineiereames    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund on interenet service. Terrible service in First Class

    I have tried to get a refund several different times by calling. I paid $14.99 for internet in First Class after I could not connect and watch movies. The internet never connected no matter how I tired. I want a refund for the $14.99 as I never was able to use it. First Class Service was the worst. The steward was sitting quite a bit of the time on her cell phone playing games. The service was awful. The food was awful. The seat belts weren't checked before we landed.I think you were short of staff that day as 1 person could not handle the entire First Class. I did not feel the... More...
    CarolG1987's Picture   CarolG1987    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airline service

    I was not well and was throwing and press attendant button but noone came. At the end when we landing one lady came n I asked can i get soda. She said I can't give you but i can give you trash bag. She was not considerate to let me go first. I have to ask myself from people to let me go as i was throwing. Horrible experience. More...
    Abcd46's Picture   Abcd46    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint on United Airlines

    My name is Richard Perez I am unhappy with the airlines I was supposed to travel to United States the 31st of May from they sold my seat I called I was supposed to go back the next day and I called made a reservation for I could leave with no charge they wanted to charge me to leave on Friday but I told them I wanted to leave the next day they told me free of charge but when I got to the airport they didn't have my seat had to spend over $600 on food on Hotel and transportation went to the airport twice had to stay for 5 more days in the Dominican Republic almost lost my job I would... More...
    Ricard's Picture   Ricard    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ticket Redemption

    Hello... My name is Craig Johnson and I'm a Mileage Plus Member VC957792 and I need someone's help. In 2016 I spent the majority of the year flying for business and family connections. In March of 2016 while in Florida I bought a ticket for my son Caleb to come visit me in California because he lives in Evansville, Indiana. A mistake was made and my name Craig Johnson was on the ticket and not my sons. When I inquired about transferring the ticket to Caleb's name I was told it was non-transferable and non-refundable. I was very disappointed but I couldn't afford another... More...
    Cjkaraokeman's Picture   Cjkaraokeman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    My confirmation was OTZLP Jamie and Paula gilmore we had a awful experiment in LA at airport we lande in la from Hilo hawaoo my daughter has stage 4 cancer so we wheel chair waiting I told the lady I need help with her heavy 4 bags with medical supplies. She ignored me and kept walking I was crying could hardly walk with heavy bags I didn't know gate so I stopped at first Custmeer service I told hi, I needed help and did t know gate he said go look at board , these 2 employees need to fired. I injured my wrist too and I, in severe pain today I was on phone 20 min no help she said I... More...
    Fuckunited's Picture   Fuckunited    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great customer care

    Wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service rendered to me by Carlito Ebto who works at United Airlines checkin at la Guardia airport. Carlito went out of his way to help me find an alternative flight back to Germany based on the gridlock traffic situation at laguardia airport and concerns that I would not make my afternoon flight from jfk. He went out of his way to help me. Excellent service! More...
    DebraK's Picture   DebraK    0 Comments   Comments

    I cant make this stuff up. My flight to LAX was schedule to leave EWR at 4:30 pm. I was suppose to land at 7:30 pm . So let me tell you about the series of VERY unfortunate events. So to start off. I was notified that my plane was not suppose to take another flight tonight, so they needed to clean and stalk food and bev. An hour and a half later we were able to board the plane. Once everyone was seated. Our pilot told us that we needed to get more fuel and needed to stop in Dallas TX. I thought to myself ok its not that big of a deal. THEN we were told that the toilet was malfunctioning... More...
    MimiSaga's Picture   MimiSaga    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fees for calling to make a reservation

    On May 5, 2017 I tried to get a flight from Minneapolis to Denver. I saw deals on Just Fly which turned out to be a nightmare! (Advertised fares on their website, so I booked it. I didn't work it said the deal needed to be called in. I called to get that same flight I tried to get it. When it came time for the confirmation number I was told that that fare was no longer at the advertised price. For an extra $ 53.00 I was told then they book this flight. So then they asked me if I still wanted this flight. I stated NO you advertised a price at two different times and didn't honor... More...
    Darcy106's Picture   Darcy106    0 Comments   Comments
  • Nightmare

    I am very disappointed and angry with the way your Arline and employee screwed up our entire Itinerary. From the time we got to the airport in Chicago to the time we got back they pretty much made our trip a living night mare to the point of me crying before booking our last flight. One of the employee from Chicago Ohare screwed up by trying to change our names on the tickets with out listening and trying to understand that the names where put in the correct form. And from there all hell broke loose. After she messed up the entire itinerary she gave us back the tickets telling us that we... More...
    Welkin's Picture   Welkin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unprofessional

    On April 27th, 2017 I was departing from RDU to EWR when the announcement was made that there was air traffic in Newark and the flight would be delayed and the flight attendant assured me that the plane would wait for me in Newark. Unfortunately, after I arrived to Newark 30 minutes late the flight had left. I spoke with customer service in the Newark Airport and explained that I was in a wedding (Maid of Honor) in Saint Thomas and I needed to be there. They told me the only flight I could get would leave at 12 noon and would have to be a connecting flight to Miami before arriving in Saint... More...
    eeunoia007's Picture   eeunoia007    0 Comments   Comments
  • 2-day delay

    If this is not the correct place to ask for compensation, please advise how to do so. Barbara Levitov blevitov@gmail.com or 617-823-7042. My flight from Lincoln Nebraska on Fri April 21, 2017 Flight #4653 did not arrive at all having gone to the Lincoln, Nebraska airport. I scheduled for the next day. I arrived April 22 #4653 again to find that there were technical difficulties. I arranged again to get a flight from Lincoln to Boston. On Sunday April 23 #4644 I departed. This was a terrible inconvenience, cause of many and major changes in my life and cause of anxiety. I am under... More...
  • Same Seat Situation

    My son and I traveled to South Bend, Indiana on Thursday, April 6th to go visit the University of Notre Dame for grad school. We were on flight #1564 traveling from Boston to Chicago. After boarding the plane and waiting for take off, I was approached by a nice man at seat 38C stating that I was in his seat. I told him it was the only seat left in the row and that I figured it was my seat. After a short time, I figured out that there was a young girl sitting in 38A which was my seat. I asked her what seat number she was and she told me 38A...so now we have the same exact seat and... More...
  • Over sold

    I have been a victim of United of over selling tickets and cheated over out of what I paid for. United wants to have you do everything on line and their the system does not work well . I think they just do not care about the customer. sanctification. I also feel that they just want the money. Heartless CEO this company was well managed when operating as Continental Air then came the merger and it is just worse. More...
    Gatkins100's Picture   Gatkins100    0 Comments   Comments
  • Going Trumpy EH?

    russprin1's Picture   russprin1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pathetic

    Your decision to DRAG someone off of a plane, just because you overbooked it and needed to get 4 members of your crew is pathetic. I will NEVER ever fly your airlines again and will do EVERYTHING in my power to get as many people not to fly either. I hope that we can get enough people to stop flying with you to put you out of business. Your company should be embarrassed about what happened. I am embarrassed for you. I hope everyone sees the video and cancels their flights with you and never books with you again in the future. Your company is a black eye on the industry. Do the... More...
  • Outraged by action taken to evict passenger

    Viewed video of 69 year old passenger forcefully evicted from one of your flights in Chicago.I'm outraged by what I witnessed as I'm sure the millions of others who viewed this assault on this unfortunate gentleman.I will say here that I will never fly with United Airlines. I won't be the only one that feels this way. The only line up your airline will have to worry about now will be the lineup of lawyers willing to take this man's case More...
    dtuff69's Picture   dtuff69    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unbearable seating

    On March 29, I flew from Denver to San Francisco. I was given a middle seat (B). The window seat next to mine was occupied by a woman weighing about 300 pounds. She required two seats- hers and mine. I kept pushing against the woman on the other side of me (seat C). The plane was full, so there was no where to go. I was literally in physical pain. I then had to face a 6 hour flight to Hawaii, and though I felt sick, was not allowed to cancel. The agent was nice enough to change me to an aisle seat, which I am about to occupy. Airlines should have a limit on body weight to avoid... More...
    Norm4921's Picture   Norm4921    0 Comments   Comments
  • A great experience on a forgettable flight

    I was on a United flight on Friday night, March 24, 2017 from Columbus, Ohio to Houston. The weather in Houston was bad, and we were not allowed to leave Columbus until the weather in Houston improved. After a 40 minute delay, we were allowed to board the flight, and off we went. The plane was small, and there was only one flight attendant, Karla Schultz-Lancaster. She was amazing. I fly every week, starting on Sunday afternoon and returning home on Friday nights, typically. I have seen attendants who put on a good face, but their hearts aren't in it. Not so with Karla. She... More...
    fivedaughters's Picture   fivedaughters    0 Comments   Comments
  • customer complaint-non refund of expired ticket

    I was scheduled to travel from seoul korea to Atlanta ga. December 15,2015. e-ticket# 0162471274523. due to operational work related issues as I am in the u.s. military I was unable to travel. I have been requesting a refund since then and have spoke with several different representatives over the past year in a half and have got nothing but the run around and was told by the refund dept. that the best way to get this issue resolved and receive a refund was to contact customer care once again but this time was I told to write a complaint to get a get a speedy response. Please contact me... More...
    tj1081's Picture   tj1081    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complimenting PIlot

    Dear Sir: I wish to commend United Airlines and especially the pilot of flight 1089, Houston to Philadelphia, which departed Houston on March 15, 2017 at 4:20 pm. the pilot exhibited the utmost hospitality and professionalism during the flight and most importantly after landing. He extended friendliness and respect to a fellow military veteran after landing. We did not have much time to converse because of the crush of disembarcment but in the few seconds we had, he showed great respect. Above all else his flying expertise on landing in severe cross winds was first rate. He is truly an... More...
    madpat73's Picture   madpat73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Caring agent @Rio DeJaneiro Airport

    My husband and I would like to personally recognize Ms Paula who worked at the Rio De Janeiro airport in Brazil at Gate C57 on 3/10/17 and 3/11/17. She was so considerate and we appreciated her care and concern. My husband and I flew Gol airlines from Manaus to rio to catch our flight back to Houston. We had a tight connection and we utimately missed our flight home because our GOL flight was 45min delayed. Paula got us on the next day flight immediately, personally walked my husband and I back to check in desk outside, walked us to GOL airline desk to see if they could help us with hotel... More...
    Sshah600's Picture   Sshah600    0 Comments   Comments
  • 0162494575126

    Antes de iniciar minha viagem de GRU-Guarulhos-BR --> ANC-Anchorage-USA, entrei em contato com a United e informei que meus voos estavam muito próximos um dos outros,e se não havia necessidade de mudanças, a atendente falou-me que não me preocupasse, que se a United ofereceu estes voos, eles seriam cumpridos. Como houve atrasos segue aqui o meu protesto, e não é a primeira vez que isso acontece...: CONFIRMAÇÃO:- D0TQSZ BILHETE:- 0162494575126 INTINERÁRIO:- GRU-SP ? ANC-AK DATA:- 06/JAN/2017 DOS FATOS: A):- O voo GRU... More...
  • 0167805060160

    Hi My name is Louis Joseph. I have been trying through Expedia to book a family vacation this summer using a credit voucher for $593.36 which will expire at midnight tonight but neither Expedia nor United cannot located my reservation from 03/12/2016. It was family vacation to Punta Cana.The Expedia itinerary # is: 1130058996746. Below are all the tickets numbers: Louis Joseph: 0167805060157 Nancy Joseph: 0167805060158 Joanne Joseph: 0167805060159 Jordani Joseph: 0167805060160 " this was the cancelled reservation. Can someone please help me resolve that isuue. My email address... More...

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United Airlines Comments

mega says: (3 years ago)
Email mg_ flrs@ yahoo.com first of all I didn't gt my email from yall until 1. 27 am in the morning,the flight from odesaa tx MAF airport left late we got too houston tx the plane had left, my son that is 2 year old was with me when I had paid you 1100.97 too gt home, I had too sleep at the airport with my 2 year old yall didn't offer us a room until 1 in the morning. Can someone please call me cause am not too happy.863 258 6795

Sals says: (4 years ago)
Inefficient Lost & Found of United Airline:
Travelling from India to Minneapolis via Newark, Reached Newark on 8th July morning and was told 6:55 am flight cancelled. Finally started at 11:00 am. Crew of the aircraft UA 3474 were really unhelpful and uncaring. Anyway, may be because of the fatigue of the long travel, I somehow forgot my Sansung Galaxy S4 in the seat pocket of my front seat 7D (I was in 8D). Reached hotel and realized and immediately called up MSP UA lost & found, informed us to log reauest in website and did. In the meantine, an honest person found the phone and sent an sms to my husband (the last used nunber) saying " this phone was lost and has been deposited at Pitsburg PA United Airlines" We are so happy that it is found, but when we called up at the Pitsburg lost found, they refused to find anything about it. Asked us to lodge in their site. But the site does not give any ID by which we can track. We are sure it was there at lost found as someone had said there is one Samsung Galaxy S4 here but then the customer care phone got disconnected. It is really sad that no one has yet called us to atleast inform the status of the same. Generally the staff the counters borders rudeness and most unsupportive. I have made it a point to tell my office never to book me on United Airlines as far as possible.

yqd940 says: (4 years ago)
June 27, 2014 Flight UA281 LAX to Denver.
I have to say that I am very disappointed with your lost baggage process in place. I lost a whole day of my trip due to your company's lack of communication. My luggage did not arrive with me on my flight. The Kiosk at Denver International Airport told me that it never made it on the plane and they did not know why because LAX United was not answering the phone. so after waiting for over an hour, I went to my destination without clothing or medications. I was told that the office opens at 5 am and to call then. I could not sleep, I called at 5 am and was directed to India where they did not know what was going on with my luggage. I was told that I could go out and buy clothing/necessities for the day however, I needed my medication and other items in my luggage for an important event on Saturday which I had to miss! I called at least 5 times that morning and finally drove to the airport in search of answers. There I was told that my bag had made it on a plane and would be landing at Denver at 12:30 and delivered between 2 -4pm. I went back and waited and nothing!! I called the 800 number again and was told that my bag was still not found!!! amazing how one place tells me one thing and the other another thing huh? I finally spoke with a reservations lady who called a few places on your side and told me that it did make it at 12:30pm and was taken off the carrousel at 3:30 and would be delivered to me between 6:30 and 11:00 pm (now you see why I missed my important event?) well, it was 6:00 pm and nothing..I called your 800 number again and India told me that they had not found it! so I told them to call the airport because I was told that they did! then they said I had to wait that it was on the van. So I called again around 9pm and was told by your customer service in India that it did not make it! and it was not on a van!! I went to the airport again and my bag was sitting next to the carrousel!!! my bag was left there for over 8 hours unattended while being told that it was not even in Denver! I wasted a whole day with wrong information from your customer service! and to top this off, I called the 800 number the day after I had picked up my luggage and after I spoke about this with your baggage office and your automated service told me that they still had not found my luggage!!! this completely ruined my trip and did nothing but stress me!

PAULY2 says: (4 years ago)
We had a flight from Cleveland to Boston. The gate was changed with no announcement. we missed the flight by minutes. they told us the next flight out would be 8:00AM the next morning. We had to stay overnight in Cleveland at the Days Inn. We are looking for a refund of our overnight stay.

emason says: (4 years ago)
My reservation #GHRNNC; on my return flight from New York to Orange County Ca. Upon my arrival to Kennedy airport in New York I was informed that there is a problem and that they are going to send me to La Guardia Airport to catch another flight. Then they discovered that my luggage was already checked and they could not transfer me to La Guardia in time to catch the fight, so I had to wait and was subsequently put on another flight. The ticket agent apologized and told me I would be compensated for my inconvenience. I filled out a complaint form and was told that I will get some form of compensation, possible a round trip ticket for my inconvenience. I have waited patiently and I have not heard from Anybody at United Airlines. Please get back to me a let me know the outcome of my inconvenience Ph:1 714 473 5349 e-mail eomason@pacbell.net

mhaashackett says: (5 years ago)
Just posted a negative review and told my husband's story. It is still going on so I don't know the worse, but have a feeling it will be worse than I know now. I selected frown face, but it appeared as a less disappointed face. Boy United Airlines must be desperate! If you work on people skills and treating employees fairly some of these problems may disappear. It looks systemic. You are geting a lot more money for your flights, why are things getting worse?

jasmit says: (6 years ago)
poor service at counter.We were standing in the line up from 4am finally we got a turn at 5 am. We asked assistant for our minors kids and the counter refused to checks us in or board on the plane. There was enough time for my kids to go on board. We saw another minor getting assistant at the same time,we talked with the supervisor Jim lynch at YVR airport he just started apologizing instead of boarding us on the plane.That doesn't solve our problem because we wasted our whole day there and I missed my work and went back to the airport to take my flight. So I want to talk to you about this so my number is 778 878 0325. The flight number was 361 and now the ticket number is 01694813337872 and the other one is 01694813337861.

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