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United Airlines Reviews

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  • customer complaint-non refund of expired ticket

    I was scheduled to travel from seoul korea to Atlanta ga. December 15,2015. e-ticket# 0162471274523. due to operational work related issues as I am in the u.s. military I was unable to travel. I have been requesting a refund since then and have spoke with several different representatives over the past year in a half and have got nothing but the run around and was told by the refund dept. that the best way to get this issue resolved and receive a refund was to contact customer care once again but this time was I told to write a complaint to get a get a speedy response. Please contact me... More...
    tj1081's Picture   tj1081    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complimenting PIlot

    Dear Sir: I wish to commend United Airlines and especially the pilot of flight 1089, Houston to Philadelphia, which departed Houston on March 15, 2017 at 4:20 pm. the pilot exhibited the utmost hospitality and professionalism during the flight and most importantly after landing. He extended friendliness and respect to a fellow military veteran after landing. We did not have much time to converse because of the crush of disembarcment but in the few seconds we had, he showed great respect. Above all else his flying expertise on landing in severe cross winds was first rate. He is truly an... More...
    madpat73's Picture   madpat73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Caring agent @Rio DeJaneiro Airport

    My husband and I would like to personally recognize Ms Paula who worked at the Rio De Janeiro airport in Brazil at Gate C57 on 3/10/17 and 3/11/17. She was so considerate and we appreciated her care and concern. My husband and I flew Gol airlines from Manaus to rio to catch our flight back to Houston. We had a tight connection and we utimately missed our flight home because our GOL flight was 45min delayed. Paula got us on the next day flight immediately, personally walked my husband and I back to check in desk outside, walked us to GOL airline desk to see if they could help us with hotel... More...
    Sshah600's Picture   Sshah600    0 Comments   Comments
  • 0162494575126

    Antes de iniciar minha viagem de GRU-Guarulhos-BR --> ANC-Anchorage-USA, entrei em contato com a United e informei que meus voos estavam muito próximos um dos outros,e se não havia necessidade de mudanças, a atendente falou-me que não me preocupasse, que se a United ofereceu estes voos, eles seriam cumpridos. Como houve atrasos segue aqui o meu protesto, e não é a primeira vez que isso acontece...: CONFIRMAÇÃO:- D0TQSZ BILHETE:- 0162494575126 INTINERÁRIO:- GRU-SP ? ANC-AK DATA:- 06/JAN/2017 DOS FATOS: A):- O voo GRU... More...
  • 0167805060160

    Hi My name is Louis Joseph. I have been trying through Expedia to book a family vacation this summer using a credit voucher for $593.36 which will expire at midnight tonight but neither Expedia nor United cannot located my reservation from 03/12/2016. It was family vacation to Punta Cana.The Expedia itinerary # is: 1130058996746. Below are all the tickets numbers: Louis Joseph: 0167805060157 Nancy Joseph: 0167805060158 Joanne Joseph: 0167805060159 Jordani Joseph: 0167805060160 " this was the cancelled reservation. Can someone please help me resolve that isuue. My email address... More...
  • Excelente Atencion del 01800

    Quiero hacer una mención especial por la excelente calidad de atención que he recibido hoy 07/03/2017 a las 17hs del Sr Enrique Ramirez en la emisión de mi pasaje de vuelo EXC7CF para el día 5 de Abril . Las Grandes empresas las hacen Grandes Empleados . El Sr Enrique Ramirez es uno de esos empleados que hacen crecer a las empresas. Es de esos empleados que uno , cuando vuelve a pensar en tomar un vuelo, la primera empresa a la que consulta es , sin lugar a dudas, UNITED ! Gracias Sr Enrique Ramirez ! UNITED, Felicitaciones por tener este nivel de empelados ! More...
    Octopusmar's Picture   Octopusmar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent travel agent doing business with United Airlines.

    When I tried to rebook my United Airline flight thru my online travel agent, CheapAir, I was told that they have no records at all of having done business with me. That was very surprising since the United Air ticket I purchased thru them on 5/26/16 was processed normally with Confirm #N63Z9E for travel on 7/20/16. When I called CheapAir the day before to cancel the 7/20 flight that agency charged $100 on my credit card for the cancellation. (I was told the ticket price will be credited to my account and a new ticket with new fare can be reissued within one year of the 5/26/16 booking... More...
    poredroc's Picture   poredroc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Added a fee on my credit card not aproved by me.

    Family had on emergency 2/22/17 my son was in MIA FLA. went to the airport to get a flight home .He was given a phone number to get help with a fare home .my son called me , called and got an attended from the United airline .We put son on line to make the reservation A day later I looked at my credit card and was charged 25.00 Called United and was told that was a fee for the service. We told them that was not told about the fee.. I am 75 years but I understand very good. I will take them to court so other people will not have this to happen to them. I want a credit on my card. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    annabelle3141's Picture   annabelle3141    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint against UNITED Airlines

    I wish to file a official complaint against airline, UNITED. In August 2016 I made reservations in FIRST CLASS, from Denver CO to Honolulu HI. I chose seats 2B for both my flights. Yesterday (21Feb17) I checked the flight and I NO LONGER HAD A SEAT ON THE OUTGOING FLIGHT!!! I ASK YOU WHY? I was not, have not been notified of any changes to the time, plane etc - even though there have been changes. With todays technology you can%u2019t tell me that customers that have chosen a seat cannot remain in the seat till they initially choose at the time they purchased the ticket. You will... More...
    JollyGreen's Picture   JollyGreen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Getting to Aruba 1 hour late

    Hello wanted to let you know about our experience with United Airlines for our trip to Aruba from February 8th thru the 14th 2017. We traveled with 2 other couples and our flights to Aruba as well as our flights back to the states well we will all rate this out of 10 as the best a score of 1!!!!! Both times getting to Newark we had to run to the next gate to catch our connections which we just made. We all believe they just kept on making excuses why we were not taking off on time. Our flight from Newark to Aruba we got on the plane and then had to get off the plane because of computer... More...
    Lsofthands2's Picture   Lsofthands2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airline certificate problem

    I was not able to retrieve my certificate credit as promised because it was not applied after an agent booked my flight round trip to Chicago on the wrong date I noticed later and called back to cancel flight round trip was not avail for the date I needed. So the agent said he would put the credit back on my certificate I ended booking flight one way with credit that was available and paid one way flight through delta to come back. I want my credit that was used to book th wrong flight back please thanks! Confirmation #FWG2DB #E43Q4E More...
    Jharris17's Picture   Jharris17    0 Comments   Comments
  • No entertainment on flight58

    I was on a business class flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt on January,13. There was no entertainment program available during the whole almost 11 hour flight. As this is a substantial part of the servives I'm paying for United should reimburse an approbiate part of the fee I paid. I tried to use United's customer reply form, but I think it is not working from Germany. Poor service altogether I must say. More...
    Meinsteiger's Picture   Meinsteiger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delay my flight

    I had a flight delay on Jan 8flight no 3982 I had a very bad expirence travelling on united my trip all ruined I miss my meeting and my trip was short didn't finish what I had plan I need an extra day leaving from Los Angeles back to Allentown I was scheduled tonight 13 12:45am to Allentown if u could make it tomorrow same time at least you could do More...
  • Poor service

    I flew from Newark to Phoenix AZ on sept. 26 suppose to be back on oct 3rd but i didn't make it cuz the court from AZ won't let me to go back till I finish the program, I called the day I suppose to go back and let them know that I wouldn't be able to take that flight. Now I have to pay the change fee for $250 I explain myself that I can't go on that flight because of the court if I leave AZ I will get a warrant. They want me to pay the fee and the difference of the ticket when I'm ready to go back to Nj and they said they might refund the cost of change of flight... More...
    Mikeolie78's Picture   Mikeolie78    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delay complaint

    I was scheduled to fly out from RDU today at 6:00am this morning to Houston, and from Houston to GDL to arrive at 11:35am. I am flying for an important event. Apparanelty the crew got in late and needed to rest so got delayed for almost 5 hours. Now I understand that staff needs rest and things happen, but it's very unfortunate and inconvenient to us flyers. Where is the on time schedule? Being promped and organized? The compensation? The wasted time? My husband is in the military and took off work to come drop me almost 2 hours away. Now I won't be getting to my destination... More...
    lilia1021's Picture   lilia1021    0 Comments   Comments
  • transfer of miles Not Free!

    My father is 89 Yrs old and has mileage Plus many years now Has mileage he wants to transfer to his daughter for her use and finds that to transfer 26000 miles to her will cost about $450.00 ! This is not fair ! These miles are the benefits of spending dollars on the mileage plus card .. and should be his to transfer I do nt think he should be charged for a transfer to a family member or anyone else .. More...
    rakigal's Picture   rakigal    0 Comments   Comments
  • flight

    my flight on 12/27/16 #OB8LWN while i and my two co workers were whaiteing for our flight to board the lady at the boarding gate asked if any one would be willing to steep aside for a later flight i went up to talk to her and see what flight would be the earliest flight that we would be able to get on she said we would be able to get a flight out on ameracan airline i ask are u sure she said yes so i and my two co workers said ok for a 500 dollar voucher well we then went straight down stairs to ameracan to grab tickets and gess what the flight had been cancelled and the next outgoing... More...
    jerryma's Picture   jerryma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Agent told me one thing regarding miles and UA took something els

    On Nov 14th I called UA to see how much to upgrade my granddaughter to business from Houston to San Jose to assist me since I am legally blind and have other health issues. They told me 125.00 and 22,500 miles round trip. I repeated to make sure I understood and they said yes 22500 round trip and that they would have to take the miles on that day and if it did not clear miles would be returned.Trip was planned for the 23rd so on the 22nd I called and was told her upgrade did not clear due to no space and that miles would be retunred into my account. Apologized and said willing to do... More...
    dlapporte's Picture   dlapporte    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    I'd like to bring to your attention the terrible customer service I received or actually did NOT receive from customer service. Firstly I am a Mileage Plus customer. On 11/4/16 I tried to book a flight to from Albany NY to Las Vegas, Nevada. I had almost 36,000 miles which I would have expected to be sufficient for a round trip domestic flight. Well surprise I was wrong ! So I contacted mileage plus & they informed me I needed 37,000 miles for this trip. So they told me i had to purchase additional miles. So I gave the credit card information to do so & was even told that I... More...
  • reserved wheel chair for my flight

    I needed a wheel chair for my recent flight, so I reserved it and received assigned seat and confirmation that it would be there. Arrived at the airport to find no chair, my husband got me in to the airport to get one. Twice he went to the ticketing counter to request the chair and no one came so I went to the ticket counter and requested a chair, twice. Finally afraid I was going to miss my flight I checked my luggage with Mrs. RUDE and again requested a chair. I made my way to the gate with no assistance. I went to pre-board and told the agent that I was supposed to have a chair. His... More...
    rardin's Picture   rardin    0 Comments   Comments

    I was unable to make my trip to Jamaica so I had to cancel my reservation, I was told that I had a year to use the ticket.I called today to use the ticket but was told that it was expired because the ticket was issued December 11th 2015 My travel date was January 24th 2016.in light of this misunderstanding, I am contacting you to see if united Airlines would oblige me a courtesy credit to facilitate me getting a replacement ticket so I can take my trip to go see my elderly sick father. The confirmation #N1ZEXE eTicket # 0162273333749 mileplus. PR239258 I was hoping to purchase my... More...
  • Complaint

    I booked a round trip from Denver to Baltimore MD on 10/20/16 on United Airline for 11/15/16, returning to Denver on 11/30/16. However, upon arrival in Baltimore, I needed to change my return date from 11/30 to 12/5. Since I had received my confirmation #CWM7OH from One Travel I called them and explained my issue to changed my return date, I was told that United did not have any flights to Denver from Baltimore on 12/5. However, Frontier did have a flight leaving from Washington Reagan to Denver on 12/5. I asked about my United return flight on 11/30, the agent told me she would handle... More...
    lwjack1029's Picture   lwjack1029    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stroller Damage During Flight

    On november 29/20016 I had an incident with United Airlines Flight # UA556. After my flight arrived on Chicago traveling from New York. The stroller of my baby was damaged. I am furious for the way they gave me the stroller & the way Butler Gloria talked to me. She was very rude unprofessional. So the reason of this letter is to see who is going to pay for the damaged stroller because I CANNOT afford to buy a new one. More...
    Dominic16's Picture   Dominic16    0 Comments   Comments
  • missing our flights

    we were schedule to leave at 5;50 am from sacromento but our flight was delayed in La , ca. because of fog , so we finally left and arrived at 10;04 and we got there our flight to cabo san lucas had already left when we were told that they going to wait for us, but that wasn't the case, so united told we could get on american airlines , so we hurry to get on that plane we were told that our name wasnt on the list, so here we are go back to custeromer service , were told to go to the other end of the airport to catch another flight to cabo but on arriving they told us they us that they... More...
    WJj987654's Picture   WJj987654    0 Comments   Comments
  • No audio from TLV to EWR

    I was on flight UA91, seat 43K,on Nov.11,2016. No audio on tv, flight attendants tried to fix it more than once, unsuccessful. More than 11hrs was painful. On Tue Nov 1,2016, flight UA 954 SFO to TLV my wife shared her audio with the person to her left at the window seat. We would like to be compensated at least $100.00. Contact info flaviosnotary@sbcglobal.net. Phone #714/394-3379. Thank you in advance, I look forward to your response. Have a wonderful blessed day. Service was wonderful. More...
    flavio's Picture   flavio    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flights delayed and cancelled

    Flight 785 Nov. 9, 2016. We are at the check in counter 2 hours prior to our flight. The staff are very slow in assisting all passengers. When it's our turn to get our boarding pass their computer shut down/crashed according to the staff. We we're rushed to go to the customs and only to find out the plane left 2 minutes ago. I was instructed to call the airlines booking and stock on the phone for more than 3 hours. They gave me another e ticket Confirmation F7Y267 (United booked this flight) for the following day Nov. 10 at 6:15 flight. We we're at the airport 2:00 Am... More...
    msison's Picture   msison    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amid cancellations and delays two service provider superstars.

    Barcelona Flt 47 maintenance cancellation 6 September extended our return home by two days and due to bad instructions by airport personnel organizing the hotel accommodations for stranded passengers that delay of just a couple of hours almost cost me a 3rd day stay due to sold out flights everywhere. My first standout I'd like to recognize is Narla Jocye who arranged adjacent seating for my wife and me as our original booking had arbitrarily switched seating. I don't recall the second superstars name other than he is a very stout young black man, who help my disabled wife... More...
    mreese1213's Picture   mreese1213    0 Comments   Comments

    My husband and I were taking our dream vacation to Alaska. We started our trip in Pensacola, Fl. Went from Pensacola to Houston, Texas. WHEN WE GOT OUR BOARDING PASS WE DISCOVERED WE WERE NOT SITTING TOGETTER! Flight was full could not change seating.I could not believe that we had to sit with strangers for the second and longest leg of our journey Houston to Seattle. We arrived in Seattle and were given seats together into Fairbanks,Alaska. We had a wonderful 2 week vacation in and along the coast of beautiful Alaska. On 9-5-2015 we were to begin our journey back home.(Vancouver to Houston... More...
    GGG3's Picture   GGG3    0 Comments   Comments
  • United Airline broken Promise

    On july 24 2015, I was booked for on flight #ua1419 to Bermuda.Confirmation #15MVMD.The evening before I was called by UA customer service and asked if I would agree to change to another day and would receive a $300, because of overbooking. I agreed, then confirmed for UAflight 1419 on 28 july 2015. confirmation #BSZRNF.sO FAR I HAVE received nothing. Called several times to various agent who all said they would get back to me, including a email to one of ur offices. Can some one kindly answer me I am an80 year old retired veteran an don't have time for this crap. More...
    aforce53's Picture   aforce53    0 Comments   Comments
  • An emergency caused me to cancel my fight the night before boarding the plane.

    On 4/20/15 I purchased a round trip airline ticket from Brownsville to PA Leaving Brownsville on July 30th and returning to Harlingen on August 13, 2015..Confirmation F750MC Price TOTAL price for the roundtrip was $342,20 I am director of a shelter for asylees and immigrants. The night before departure, Immigration officials brought to our shelter an asylee who was 9 months pregnant. That same night I called United to cancel my flight for the following morning. Three days later, the lady gave birth and I was free to resume my travel arrangement. When I went to purchase my ticket on... More...
    providencia34's Picture   providencia34    3 Comments   Comments
  • United Airlines very incompetent airlines

    My daughter is traveling with her 3 year old from San Juan Puerto Rico she was booked on a flight leaving San Juan PR ON Monday August 10 when she arrived to the counter to check in she was told the flight was full the only thing they could do for her was flight her out of Aguadilla 36 hrs later Aguadilla is 75 miles away from the San Juan airport she arrived at the aguadilla airport early to make sure she was getting aboard this flight only to find out that the flight is delayed by 3 hours This airlines has their logistics backwards and dont even compesate anybody for their mistakes More...
    edtrucker's Picture   edtrucker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    Flight was cancelled.... My daughter was sent to Ohio where I then had to drive 4 hours to pick her and 4 hours to get back to Buffalo with no help from airline.... She was suppose to land in buffalo not sent to Ohio. I had to take off work because I was driving all night it was an awful experience with this airlines More...
  • Worst day ever

    On January 30th by daughter and her 15 year old sister were scheduled on a connecting flight from Florida to Newark with United Airlines. They arrived at the airport at 1030 pm to be told the flight was cancelled 😁 and were told no other flights were available and really were no help trying to get these girls home 😡.... Of course they were in a panic already it was late cod were in a city they weren't familiar with. They were told not sure when the next flight to Buffalo was and there was no compensation for hotel expenses. They then booked them s flight to Cleveland Ohio which... More...
    bibitor's Picture   bibitor    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor service

    UA257 from JFK to SFO for 08/30/2015 got delayed 4 hrs due to inclement weather finally getting cancelled. While weather can't be accurately predicted, crew could not provide any information whatsoever. An LA bound flight though could take off from the adjacent gate during the same time window. United also sent out mails for boarding with a wrong gate number. Cancellation announcement wasn't made rather told to people as they would walk up to inquire. The desk staff on ground were trying their best to divert held up passengers to avoid the rush of rebooking them all at once,... More...
    deepry's Picture   deepry    0 Comments   Comments
  • a day delayed flight missing work

    My family flys United airlines all the time they have never encountered a problem until this.. I had a flight scheduled from cali to Chicago my flight was delayed a couple hours, then it was delayed a couple more hours then it was delayed for the next day! This meant I had to miss work which led to me being behind on my bills im not usually one to complain but I would like this issue to be resolved not only did I have to miss work but my wife did as well seeming how we switch shifts so one of us can watch our children More...
    Catizones8513's Picture   Catizones8513    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ms. Mary Jean Morgan, Mileage Summary FP846923

    7/25/15 Today I called United Onepass to check on my available air miles. The last report I have is dated 6/29/03. Due to ongoing health problems I was not able to travel. I was told that I have/had 71,474 miles, however the mileage expired on 9/30/5013. I've had "Continental" air miles since 1991. Was told by Continental (back then) that there was no expiration on the mileage. Apparently the merge changed the system. I am in my mid 80's and have one final trip on my bucket list before I am unable to do so. Since I was not aware or notified of any expiration I am... More...
  • flight delay GPBs home appl rep gbenton51@yahoo.com

    I fly about 3 times a year maybe that is not a lot to you but it is what it is. I have not flown with united in quite some while now I see why. 17 July my birthday going to Florida for business and enjoyment. flight1764753 from Houston to Orlando was considerably delayed therefore I missed both my meetings and arrived quite late for my birthday celebration. I was so upset with all that had happen with the flight that I had a headache for 3 days. They did not treat us well I know that everyone was frustrated but we paid good money so that we could be where we are supposed to be. I/we... More...
    gbenton's Picture   gbenton    0 Comments   Comments
  • United Airlines unfair charges

    I am sure that this will get me no where, but it seems to be the only available option. How convenient for United Airlines not to have a customer service rep that you could talk to. My husband and I flew from Chicago to Houston on Wednesday, July 15 and then home on July 18, 2015, from Houston to Chicago. I had purchased these tickets using my United miles. When I tried to make the reservations on line I was not able to do so. I called United and a customer service rep made the reservations for me, all was fine going out. When I went to check in on the way home we had no seat... More...
    cmcomplaints's Picture   cmcomplaints    0 Comments   Comments

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United Airlines Comments

mega says: (2 years ago)
Email mg_ flrs@ yahoo.com first of all I didn't gt my email from yall until 1. 27 am in the morning,the flight from odesaa tx MAF airport left late we got too houston tx the plane had left, my son that is 2 year old was with me when I had paid you 1100.97 too gt home, I had too sleep at the airport with my 2 year old yall didn't offer us a room until 1 in the morning. Can someone please call me cause am not too happy.863 258 6795

Sals says: (3 years ago)
Inefficient Lost & Found of United Airline:
Travelling from India to Minneapolis via Newark, Reached Newark on 8th July morning and was told 6:55 am flight cancelled. Finally started at 11:00 am. Crew of the aircraft UA 3474 were really unhelpful and uncaring. Anyway, may be because of the fatigue of the long travel, I somehow forgot my Sansung Galaxy S4 in the seat pocket of my front seat 7D (I was in 8D). Reached hotel and realized and immediately called up MSP UA lost & found, informed us to log reauest in website and did. In the meantine, an honest person found the phone and sent an sms to my husband (the last used nunber) saying " this phone was lost and has been deposited at Pitsburg PA United Airlines" We are so happy that it is found, but when we called up at the Pitsburg lost found, they refused to find anything about it. Asked us to lodge in their site. But the site does not give any ID by which we can track. We are sure it was there at lost found as someone had said there is one Samsung Galaxy S4 here but then the customer care phone got disconnected. It is really sad that no one has yet called us to atleast inform the status of the same. Generally the staff the counters borders rudeness and most unsupportive. I have made it a point to tell my office never to book me on United Airlines as far as possible.

yqd940 says: (3 years ago)
June 27, 2014 Flight UA281 LAX to Denver.
I have to say that I am very disappointed with your lost baggage process in place. I lost a whole day of my trip due to your company's lack of communication. My luggage did not arrive with me on my flight. The Kiosk at Denver International Airport told me that it never made it on the plane and they did not know why because LAX United was not answering the phone. so after waiting for over an hour, I went to my destination without clothing or medications. I was told that the office opens at 5 am and to call then. I could not sleep, I called at 5 am and was directed to India where they did not know what was going on with my luggage. I was told that I could go out and buy clothing/necessities for the day however, I needed my medication and other items in my luggage for an important event on Saturday which I had to miss! I called at least 5 times that morning and finally drove to the airport in search of answers. There I was told that my bag had made it on a plane and would be landing at Denver at 12:30 and delivered between 2 -4pm. I went back and waited and nothing!! I called the 800 number again and was told that my bag was still not found!!! amazing how one place tells me one thing and the other another thing huh? I finally spoke with a reservations lady who called a few places on your side and told me that it did make it at 12:30pm and was taken off the carrousel at 3:30 and would be delivered to me between 6:30 and 11:00 pm (now you see why I missed my important event?) well, it was 6:00 pm and nothing..I called your 800 number again and India told me that they had not found it! so I told them to call the airport because I was told that they did! then they said I had to wait that it was on the van. So I called again around 9pm and was told by your customer service in India that it did not make it! and it was not on a van!! I went to the airport again and my bag was sitting next to the carrousel!!! my bag was left there for over 8 hours unattended while being told that it was not even in Denver! I wasted a whole day with wrong information from your customer service! and to top this off, I called the 800 number the day after I had picked up my luggage and after I spoke about this with your baggage office and your automated service told me that they still had not found my luggage!!! this completely ruined my trip and did nothing but stress me!

PAULY2 says: (3 years ago)
We had a flight from Cleveland to Boston. The gate was changed with no announcement. we missed the flight by minutes. they told us the next flight out would be 8:00AM the next morning. We had to stay overnight in Cleveland at the Days Inn. We are looking for a refund of our overnight stay.

emason says: (3 years ago)
My reservation #GHRNNC; on my return flight from New York to Orange County Ca. Upon my arrival to Kennedy airport in New York I was informed that there is a problem and that they are going to send me to La Guardia Airport to catch another flight. Then they discovered that my luggage was already checked and they could not transfer me to La Guardia in time to catch the fight, so I had to wait and was subsequently put on another flight. The ticket agent apologized and told me I would be compensated for my inconvenience. I filled out a complaint form and was told that I will get some form of compensation, possible a round trip ticket for my inconvenience. I have waited patiently and I have not heard from Anybody at United Airlines. Please get back to me a let me know the outcome of my inconvenience Ph:1 714 473 5349 e-mail eomason@pacbell.net

mhaashackett says: (4 years ago)
Just posted a negative review and told my husband's story. It is still going on so I don't know the worse, but have a feeling it will be worse than I know now. I selected frown face, but it appeared as a less disappointed face. Boy United Airlines must be desperate! If you work on people skills and treating employees fairly some of these problems may disappear. It looks systemic. You are geting a lot more money for your flights, why are things getting worse?

jasmit says: (5 years ago)
poor service at counter.We were standing in the line up from 4am finally we got a turn at 5 am. We asked assistant for our minors kids and the counter refused to checks us in or board on the plane. There was enough time for my kids to go on board. We saw another minor getting assistant at the same time,we talked with the supervisor Jim lynch at YVR airport he just started apologizing instead of boarding us on the plane.That doesn't solve our problem because we wasted our whole day there and I missed my work and went back to the airport to take my flight. So I want to talk to you about this so my number is 778 878 0325. The flight number was 361 and now the ticket number is 01694813337872 and the other one is 01694813337861.

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