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United Airlines Comments

mega says: (3 years ago)
Email mg_ flrs@ yahoo.com first of all I didn't gt my email from yall until 1. 27 am in the morning,the flight from odesaa tx MAF airport left late we got too houston tx the plane had left, my son that is 2 year old was with me when I had paid you 1100.97 too gt home, I had too sleep at the airport with my 2 year old yall didn't offer us a room until 1 in the morning. Can someone please call me cause am not too happy.863 258 6795

Sals says: (4 years ago)
Inefficient Lost & Found of United Airline:
Travelling from India to Minneapolis via Newark, Reached Newark on 8th July morning and was told 6:55 am flight cancelled. Finally started at 11:00 am. Crew of the aircraft UA 3474 were really unhelpful and uncaring. Anyway, may be because of the fatigue of the long travel, I somehow forgot my Sansung Galaxy S4 in the seat pocket of my front seat 7D (I was in 8D). Reached hotel and realized and immediately called up MSP UA lost & found, informed us to log reauest in website and did. In the meantine, an honest person found the phone and sent an sms to my husband (the last used nunber) saying " this phone was lost and has been deposited at Pitsburg PA United Airlines" We are so happy that it is found, but when we called up at the Pitsburg lost found, they refused to find anything about it. Asked us to lodge in their site. But the site does not give any ID by which we can track. We are sure it was there at lost found as someone had said there is one Samsung Galaxy S4 here but then the customer care phone got disconnected. It is really sad that no one has yet called us to atleast inform the status of the same. Generally the staff the counters borders rudeness and most unsupportive. I have made it a point to tell my office never to book me on United Airlines as far as possible.

yqd940 says: (4 years ago)
June 27, 2014 Flight UA281 LAX to Denver.
I have to say that I am very disappointed with your lost baggage process in place. I lost a whole day of my trip due to your company's lack of communication. My luggage did not arrive with me on my flight. The Kiosk at Denver International Airport told me that it never made it on the plane and they did not know why because LAX United was not answering the phone. so after waiting for over an hour, I went to my destination without clothing or medications. I was told that the office opens at 5 am and to call then. I could not sleep, I called at 5 am and was directed to India where they did not know what was going on with my luggage. I was told that I could go out and buy clothing/necessities for the day however, I needed my medication and other items in my luggage for an important event on Saturday which I had to miss! I called at least 5 times that morning and finally drove to the airport in search of answers. There I was told that my bag had made it on a plane and would be landing at Denver at 12:30 and delivered between 2 -4pm. I went back and waited and nothing!! I called the 800 number again and was told that my bag was still not found!!! amazing how one place tells me one thing and the other another thing huh? I finally spoke with a reservations lady who called a few places on your side and told me that it did make it at 12:30pm and was taken off the carrousel at 3:30 and would be delivered to me between 6:30 and 11:00 pm (now you see why I missed my important event?) well, it was 6:00 pm and nothing..I called your 800 number again and India told me that they had not found it! so I told them to call the airport because I was told that they did! then they said I had to wait that it was on the van. So I called again around 9pm and was told by your customer service in India that it did not make it! and it was not on a van!! I went to the airport again and my bag was sitting next to the carrousel!!! my bag was left there for over 8 hours unattended while being told that it was not even in Denver! I wasted a whole day with wrong information from your customer service! and to top this off, I called the 800 number the day after I had picked up my luggage and after I spoke about this with your baggage office and your automated service told me that they still had not found my luggage!!! this completely ruined my trip and did nothing but stress me!

PAULY2 says: (4 years ago)
We had a flight from Cleveland to Boston. The gate was changed with no announcement. we missed the flight by minutes. they told us the next flight out would be 8:00AM the next morning. We had to stay overnight in Cleveland at the Days Inn. We are looking for a refund of our overnight stay.

emason says: (4 years ago)
My reservation #GHRNNC; on my return flight from New York to Orange County Ca. Upon my arrival to Kennedy airport in New York I was informed that there is a problem and that they are going to send me to La Guardia Airport to catch another flight. Then they discovered that my luggage was already checked and they could not transfer me to La Guardia in time to catch the fight, so I had to wait and was subsequently put on another flight. The ticket agent apologized and told me I would be compensated for my inconvenience. I filled out a complaint form and was told that I will get some form of compensation, possible a round trip ticket for my inconvenience. I have waited patiently and I have not heard from Anybody at United Airlines. Please get back to me a let me know the outcome of my inconvenience Ph:1 714 473 5349 e-mail eomason@pacbell.net

mhaashackett says: (5 years ago)
Just posted a negative review and told my husband's story. It is still going on so I don't know the worse, but have a feeling it will be worse than I know now. I selected frown face, but it appeared as a less disappointed face. Boy United Airlines must be desperate! If you work on people skills and treating employees fairly some of these problems may disappear. It looks systemic. You are geting a lot more money for your flights, why are things getting worse?

jasmit says: (5 years ago)
poor service at counter.We were standing in the line up from 4am finally we got a turn at 5 am. We asked assistant for our minors kids and the counter refused to checks us in or board on the plane. There was enough time for my kids to go on board. We saw another minor getting assistant at the same time,we talked with the supervisor Jim lynch at YVR airport he just started apologizing instead of boarding us on the plane.That doesn't solve our problem because we wasted our whole day there and I missed my work and went back to the airport to take my flight. So I want to talk to you about this so my number is 778 878 0325. The flight number was 361 and now the ticket number is 01694813337872 and the other one is 01694813337861.

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