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United Airlines Reviews

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  • Delay complaint

    I was scheduled to fly out from RDU today at 6:00am this morning to Houston, and from Houston to GDL to arrive at 11:35am. I am flying for an important event. Apparanelty the crew got in late and needed to rest so got delayed for almost 5 hours. Now I understand that staff needs rest and things happen, but it's very unfortunate and inconvenient to us flyers. Where is the on time schedule? Being promped and organized? The compensation? The wasted time? My husband is in the military and took off work to come drop me almost 2 hours away. Now I won't be getting to my destination... More...
    lilia1021's Picture   lilia1021    0 Comments   Comments
  • missing our flights

    we were schedule to leave at 5;50 am from sacromento but our flight was delayed in La , ca. because of fog , so we finally left and arrived at 10;04 and we got there our flight to cabo san lucas had already left when we were told that they going to wait for us, but that wasn't the case, so united told we could get on american airlines , so we hurry to get on that plane we were told that our name wasnt on the list, so here we are go back to custeromer service , were told to go to the other end of the airport to catch another flight to cabo but on arriving they told us they us that they... More...
    WJj987654's Picture   WJj987654    0 Comments   Comments
  • delta/ united crisis

    Hi, I was offered a voucher for giving up my seat but Mainly promised to be home earlier with aone less connection. I was switch to delta and then my flight cancelled, they said id be there for 14hours then they sent me to another airport, then that flight was two hours late. I never have problems with united and I enjoy flying with United however ive now missed work completely and im in big mess. Id like some sort of voucher for this inconvenience. Thank you More...
  • United Airlines delay 4 hrs 3/3/15

    I have not flown UA for several years as they did not treat my unaccompanied minor correctly (placing him 3-4 rows back and between 2 large strange men) On 3/3/2015 I was flying from Denver to Miami and upon arriving to gate found out we were delayed for 2 1/2 hrs due to another flight having not arrived from Newark. I wenet to Customer Service line and waited 45 minutes and while I was waiting another plane across gate arrived from Newark. When I got to head of line cs checked to see if I could fly another airline. I was told that any other airline could not get me to Miami earlier. By... More...
    shartrav's Picture   shartrav    0 Comments   Comments

    From Melbourne, I was trying to purchase 3 tickets by UA to Toronto / Return after 1 month (Via LA, NY, etc). I was trying to purchase 1 week earlier - and every time I was trying to pay with my credit card, it would not accept payments and Price of each ticket would rise by $100/- appxly. After attempting 3 times, I decided to call these people, who could not explain the Scam Phenomena, but they suggested to purchase on earlier date, e.g. on 5th Dec14 instead, for cheaper tickets. (Appxly $900/- Less in Total). However, Managed to purchase 3 Tickets, when subsequently... More...
    INAM3's Picture   INAM3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Service

    Flying out of Houston International on a connection flight from Puerto Vallarta to Chicago. The gate changed 3 times that's ridiculous Chicago is an international airport and we don't have those difficulties. Next, when I get to gate E nine from E 17 and from E ten, from E 12, the gate attendent was extremely rude, prejudice. Seriously. More...
    DawnDi's Picture   DawnDi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Experience

    I traveled with United on a a business trip recently. I hadn't flown with them for a while. Disaster! Flights got cancelled, delayed, pushed back again and again. I was a whole day late for my meeting and coming home was more of the same. I understand there was weather trouble but the " I don't care" attitude of the majority of United employees I encountered was disturbing. More...
    Balder01's Picture   Balder01    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delays and needing new schedule times

    I recently flew out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to San Fransisco, California on the United scheduled flight at 8am. This flight was delayed twice and the second time we sat out on the tarmac for almost an hour. Why is this flight scheduled to depart at 8am when it very rarely leaves on time? Most if not all the passengers missed their connecting flights because of the significant delay. The flight attendants were very calm, but also confused as to why this flight never leaves on time! I, personally, lost a non refundable ticket to catch a bus from Seattle because United could not get me home... More...
    Sarabc's Picture   Sarabc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eric Fraikin

    I am looking for a written statement (or official website) confirming and detailing a flight cancellation that took place July 19, 2014, for flight UA6315 X between Victoria,BC, and San Francisco, CA and what was it replaced with (the next day, actually, wich was not acceptable to us at all). After a frantic search, we obtain a flight starting from Vancouver,BC, instead, with the added cost of getting there in time. Please answer so that I can clame some inurance. More...
    lammens's Picture   lammens    0 Comments   Comments
  • Company Not Honoring What the Airline Company Told a Customer

    My wife and I had a flight booked from Newark, NJ to Seattle, Washington on May 1, 2014 (Confirmation Number DR8372) and back to Newark on May 4, 2014. Way before the trip, I called the 1-800 number and talked to an UA employee that we cannot make the trip and he told me that he will keep the info and I will be able to reschedule the trip as long as I will rebook 21 days before September 19, 204. He added also that I will have to pay $75 per ticket as a rebooking fee. I also told the agent at that time that this is going to be the second time that I am rescheduling the flight. I... More...
    FredMariano's Picture   FredMariano    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unfriendly Delay Both Ways

    To Whom It May Concern On July 2, 2014 I flew from Newark to New Orleans UA 1094T. The flight ended up being 6 hours delayed. We sat on the plane for a very long time before the crew would allow us to walk around (very unsafe, that's how people get bloodclots). It took some time to obtain the complimentary water once a flight is delayed. The captain continuously updated us with no information just a bunch of "aaawww I'm not sure when we're leaving. Aaaww I'm not sure what's going on ?" Very annoying and scary knowing that this is the individual who... More...
    Kiss32's Picture   Kiss32    0 Comments   Comments
  • United Airline undelivered compensation

    To whom it may concerns: Our family of 4 had arranged this flight on May 23, 2014 so we can make it to a family wedding on May 24, 2014. Arriving at the airport a little less than 2 hrs to check in for 3:03pm flight from Seattle (UA457) to Wichita, KS with the connecting flight in Denver, we were informed that the flight had been delayed until 10pm that day. We were then informed that we will not make the connecting flight and had to rebook a flight the following day. The purpose of the trip is to attend the important family wedding event. By scheduling the next day, we would... More...
    chantelle's Picture   chantelle    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ms. M. Blair regarding Customer service

    My trip to California was without complaint. The service was outstanding and the ride one of the best I had ever had on any airline. All attendants were professional and customer friendly. My trip home was quite the opposite. I wasn't sure about my flight and walked up to an attendant whom later stated her name was Josephine when asked. She was rude and belittle me before all standing behind me. She rudely slammed my ticket on the counter, shoved it back and told me my plane didn't leave until 3 hours later. I sat in my sit awaiting the time to past and decided to go back to... More...
    BlairKlein's Picture   BlairKlein    0 Comments   Comments
  • Standby flight 3822

    Why does United offer $500.00, lodging and meals for customers on overbooked flights and not standby flights? We were booked on flight #1592 February 21 from LAX to ORD depart 10:55 pm, then booked on flight 3822 from ORD - BUF which was cancelled due to maintenance. We were on standby for flight #5994 from ORD - BUF departs 1:11 pm which was overbooked (changed to 2:15 pm). They offered overbooked customers $500.00, lodging and meals but would not allow standby customers. We are all customers without transportation for whatever the reason. Thankfully flight #3799 depart February 22 at... More...
    bevlueck's Picture   bevlueck    0 Comments   Comments
  • No deposit of mileage to my MilePlus account.

    I received a letter dating 11/25/2013 for an appreciation for being a Good Samaritan. I was on flight 218 on 11/15/2013 when a unexpected medical emergency occurred during the flight. I am a physician and along with an another physician, came to an aid of an ill passenger. I received a letter sent by Brenda Eshee and as a token of United Airlines appreciation, they were going to deposit 15,000 MileagePlus bonus miles to my account. Needless to say, after several weeks of checking my account, their is no deposit of the bonus miles. I called customer service and they prompted me in the... More...
    spmccarthy's Picture   spmccarthy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mileage plus

    When i signed up for a new Chase/United Visa account, I was told by the agent that the 67,903 miles in my old Continental account would be transferred but that the miles in my old United account were too old to qualify. i was led to expect that the transfer would be automatic once my Visa account was established. When the miles did not appear, I called United and was informed that it would cost me $150 to hav the miles transferred and the agent apologized for the earlier misinformation. While the apology is appreciated, i really wanted th miles as this was an inducement to opening an... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    chiswick312's Picture   chiswick312    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flight delayed in San Francisco

    Hello, My name is Anju Maheshwari and I travelled from United on 08/06/2013 via UA 567 with my family of four people flight conf# HVREBW and HVZGQ2 to Seattle.The connecting flight from San Francisco to Seattle UA 1175 got delayed for 2 hrs and we missed all the connections we had planned for Vancouver Canada for family wedding in Victoria BC. I travelled from United since I thought that would be the best airline for us although there were many other connections available. The delay was not informed earlier otherwise we could have made other arrangements and we were on the airport and... More...
  • Cancelled United Airlines flight # 5190

    I purchased a ticket to fly from DFW to Halifax, NS on July 11, 2013 - confirmation # FDF797. First leg was to Chicago which went fine, but the flight on to Halifax # 5190 was cancelled. Agents in Chicago got me on a flight that evening to Montreal and then on to Halifax the next day but there was no way to get to Halifax that night so I had to take a room at a hotel. I stayed at the Sheraton and am looking for re-imbersement for that night's stay - $189.22. I was told the cancellation was due to weather conditions but other flights were landing in Halifax that evening. More...
    Wakey71's Picture   Wakey71    0 Comments   Comments
  • United Airline customer service: "This is not your home."

    So I'm visiting family overseas checking luggage on an 18 hours flight at United Airlines. My luggage was under 50lbs so I took the time to put extra tapes. At the weight in, it came out to be 50.4 lbs to which I said that seems wrong because I weighted before. The unfriendly and rude representative cut in and said "this is not your home" and made threat of charging $200 for the extra weights and warned me that he'd have to open my package if I argue with him. What a joke of customer service. Their weight scale is definitely off. Time to warn all my friends to... More...
    JakeNgo's Picture   JakeNgo    0 Comments   Comments


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