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United Airlines Reviews

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  • United/ticket cancellation notification

    I made a reservation last Oct 9, 2016, but not long after reservations were made I broke my left foot. I am currently trying to get compensation from my credit card company and need confirmation that my reservation was cancelled. My confirmation # is HBT5FS. Please confirmation of cancellation to my email account of larry.herro@ymail.com or to my home address of 92 Abbey Lane, London,KY 40744 . My phone # is (606) 864-7663. Wanda Herron More...
    love1971's Picture   love1971    0 Comments   Comments
  • United Airlines; Request refund

    On 062217, my daughter, who lives in another state ( i live in CA) helped me reserved an UAL reservation ( N9CJS2) for a family emergency in Ohio ( sister stroke and subsequent death the next day). My daughter told me that she took care of a standby upgrade on my trip back on 062517 and she instructed me that when i check in on return flight, i should ask for a first class upgrade . Due to ignorance about the process, i checked in online 18 hours before the flight ( should have waited to check in at airport desk) and ask for an upgrade assuming that if there is a seat, that means the... More...
    gbduane's Picture   gbduane    2 Comments   Comments
  • Ms. Mary Jean Morgan, Mileage Summary FP846923

    7/25/15 Today I called United Onepass to check on my available air miles. The last report I have is dated 6/29/03. Due to ongoing health problems I was not able to travel. I was told that I have/had 71,474 miles, however the mileage expired on 9/30/5013. I've had "Continental" air miles since 1991. Was told by Continental (back then) that there was no expiration on the mileage. Apparently the merge changed the system. I am in my mid 80's and have one final trip on my bucket list before I am unable to do so. Since I was not aware or notified of any expiration I am... More...
  • United airlines, consistently delayed and disorganized

    It had been awhile since I had flown United, and now I clearly remember why. United is impressively incompetent. My plane was delayed by two hours and in that time, all passengers were moved in between gates several times. What is the point of showing up on time when delays are the norm? What is the point of a schedule that is never followed? And do the fine staff of United bother to try to make up for wasting people's time? Not at all! They do not care about retaining customers. A small gesture of apology would go a long way. Perhaps a snack? A complimentary glass of wine? Something... More...
    Lsut's Picture   Lsut    3 Comments   Comments
  • Security card omission and unclear restrictions on electronics

    Messrs. United Airlines Attention Mr. Jeff Smisel - CEO Dear Sirs: My name is Ruben J. Levy (Mileage plus WK349238) and I recently travelled with my sister from Newark to Panama on your flight UA 1021, specifically on August 14th, 2014. My assigned seat was 37A. My confirmation number was IGTJP. I am writing because your safety card (R2 B737-800/900 is incomplete and the use of personal devices on your Hemispheres magazine%u2019s (august 2014, page 131) will cause a lot of confusion. Its clear to me that voice calls cannot be effected via cellular mode, but when one enables Wi-Fi... More...
    Rubenjlevyd's Picture   Rubenjlevyd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Compliments to some and complaints about some others

    After a rather dramatic experience on flight 788 on Aug. 7, 2014 from LAX to SFO ( a sequence of unpleasant problems with the aircraft), we were treated at the customer counter professionally, proficiently and politely by Zohreh Okuda. She booked us onto another direct flight (while another agent failed to do so) and made arrangement for our stay overnight, and gave very clear instructions and directions. We also thank the pilot and crew of FLT 788. They kept us informed of what were going wrong (one after another) and kept cool. The agents at the gate 84 of LAX need more training... More...
    xiaobula's Picture   xiaobula    0 Comments   Comments
  • Denied Boarding-John and Gintare Kaluinaite-Jones

    Tale of Two Check-In's. We had purchased our tickets with you, Chicago to Nassau, through Expedia in December. The non-stop flight was the appeal. Upon arriving at the gate on 4/12/14, we were told the flight was overbooked. Your members asked for volunteers to give up their seats, offering 500 then 800 then 1000. We were still out of luck. Your Supervisor Souhier Boutrous with professionalism and courtesy explained the rules for Denied Boarding to us. We were generously compensated by check, according to your rules, and placed on subsequent flights and arrived in Nassau late.... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    johnjones1960's Picture   johnjones1960    1 Comments   Comments
  • Scott Koch, Big XII Conference

    I was issued an e-certificate in May of 2013 for a flight that was delayed over 10 hours. I want to redeem this certificate but was told that it had been redeemed. I sent in an e-mail 3 days ago and was informed that it contained to much personal information tht could be stolen on-line. I am generally VERY GOOD about using these typed of certificates and then tearing them up once they have been used. I simply DO NOT feel that this e-certificate has been redeemed. A customer service agent who booked a flight to Salt Lake City, UT this morning told me to contact you and that you could... More...
    skoch's Picture   skoch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flight delay requiring overnight stay

    I intended to take a flight (#3647 on Jan 26, 2014) from Grand Rapids, MI to Kalispelll, MT. Before take-off we were told there would be a 30 minute delay due to mechanical problems, and I knew immediately I would not make my connection in Denver. Rather than spend the night in Denver, I chose to go back to my own home, and rescheduled my trip for the same time but for the following night, Jan 27. I arrived on Mon to find there was a delay due to weather, and again I would not make my connection in Denver. I rescheduled my trip for the following night, and was assured by the flight... More...
  • Joy Stevens/employee/refund

    I was told (by one of the representatives on the 1-800 number) to put in my request here and you would let me know who to contact. My husband and I flew to Cabo on Oct 31 and back on Nov 7 of 2013. We paid the taxes as we left the airport (I have the receipt on my credit card bill) and then on my paycheck of 12/12/2013 they took out taxes for our trip for both of us in the amount of $81.50. I have the receipts for those also. Just wanted to know who to contact to get this refund back because I paid it twice. I also checked with our payroll dept and they told me to contact the 1-800 number... More...
    JoyStevens's Picture   JoyStevens    0 Comments   Comments
  • missed boarding visa expiration date

    Me presenté hoy al aeropuerto para abordar el vuelo 1076 con destino a San Fco., con la confirmación 17CK6M, y por un error de interpretación en la fecha de expiración de mi visa que dice "05/12/13", el representante me informó que mi visa ya había vencido y que no po-día tomar el vuelo. Yo deseo volar con ustedes proximamente, pero mi solicitud de apelar a su comprensión en este asunto, rogandoles que no me sea cargado el sobre-precio de $200.00 US Cy. en la re-expedición de mi nuevo boleto. Esperando su amable... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    marupelli's Picture   marupelli    0 Comments   Comments
  • Recent flight on United prooves they are out of money

    A recent flight on United left me feeling like I was in a third world country. The plane was so old and dingy, food was lackluster, crew were apathetic to passenger needs (and overly made up I might add...yuck!). The entertainment provided was an OLD movie that I think we've all seen a zillion times might have been brought in from the crew's home collection of VHS tapes, it was so old. The carpets had not been cleaned before we boarded and there were no magazines or newspapers available. Nor were there any blankets despite the freezing cold temp of the plane. I paid extra for... More...
    flyboysGIRL's Picture   flyboysGIRL    65 Comments   Comments


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