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United Airlines Reviews

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  • 2-day delay

    If this is not the correct place to ask for compensation, please advise how to do so. Barbara Levitov blevitov@gmail.com or 617-823-7042. My flight from Lincoln Nebraska on Fri April 21, 2017 Flight #4653 did not arrive at all having gone to the Lincoln, Nebraska airport. I scheduled for the next day. I arrived April 22 #4653 again to find that there were technical difficulties. I arranged again to get a flight from Lincoln to Boston. On Sunday April 23 #4644 I departed. This was a terrible inconvenience, cause of many and major changes in my life and cause of anxiety. I am under... More...
  • 0162494575126

    Antes de iniciar minha viagem de GRU-Guarulhos-BR --> ANC-Anchorage-USA, entrei em contato com a United e informei que meus voos estavam muito próximos um dos outros,e se não havia necessidade de mudanças, a atendente falou-me que não me preocupasse, que se a United ofereceu estes voos, eles seriam cumpridos. Como houve atrasos segue aqui o meu protesto, e não é a primeira vez que isso acontece...: CONFIRMAÇÃO:- D0TQSZ BILHETE:- 0162494575126 INTINERÁRIO:- GRU-SP ? ANC-AK DATA:- 06/JAN/2017 DOS FATOS: A):- O voo GRU... More...
  • 0167805060160

    Hi My name is Louis Joseph. I have been trying through Expedia to book a family vacation this summer using a credit voucher for $593.36 which will expire at midnight tonight but neither Expedia nor United cannot located my reservation from 03/12/2016. It was family vacation to Punta Cana.The Expedia itinerary # is: 1130058996746. Below are all the tickets numbers: Louis Joseph: 0167805060157 Nancy Joseph: 0167805060158 Joanne Joseph: 0167805060159 Jordani Joseph: 0167805060160 " this was the cancelled reservation. Can someone please help me resolve that isuue. My email address... More...
  • Delay my flight

    I had a flight delay on Jan 8flight no 3982 I had a very bad expirence travelling on united my trip all ruined I miss my meeting and my trip was short didn't finish what I had plan I need an extra day leaving from Los Angeles back to Allentown I was scheduled tonight 13 12:45am to Allentown if u could make it tomorrow same time at least you could do More...
  • Customer Service

    I'd like to bring to your attention the terrible customer service I received or actually did NOT receive from customer service. Firstly I am a Mileage Plus customer. On 11/4/16 I tried to book a flight to from Albany NY to Las Vegas, Nevada. I had almost 36,000 miles which I would have expected to be sufficient for a round trip domestic flight. Well surprise I was wrong ! So I contacted mileage plus & they informed me I needed 37,000 miles for this trip. So they told me i had to purchase additional miles. So I gave the credit card information to do so & was even told that I... More...

    I was unable to make my trip to Jamaica so I had to cancel my reservation, I was told that I had a year to use the ticket.I called today to use the ticket but was told that it was expired because the ticket was issued December 11th 2015 My travel date was January 24th 2016.in light of this misunderstanding, I am contacting you to see if united Airlines would oblige me a courtesy credit to facilitate me getting a replacement ticket so I can take my trip to go see my elderly sick father. The confirmation #N1ZEXE eTicket # 0162273333749 mileplus. PR239258 I was hoping to purchase my... More...
  • Refund

    Flight was cancelled.... My daughter was sent to Ohio where I then had to drive 4 hours to pick her and 4 hours to get back to Buffalo with no help from airline.... She was suppose to land in buffalo not sent to Ohio. I had to take off work because I was driving all night it was an awful experience with this airlines More...
  • Poor Costumer Service

    I booked my daughter's flight through United for July 4 to San Diego from Toronto. She is 14. We arrived 2 hours prior to flight at Pearson Airport in Toronto. We were not able to use the kiosk because there was an error with her ticket. We were sent back and forth between United and Air Canada because the flight was changed to Air Canada.The line ups were crazy and we were not even checking baggage. No one seemed to be able to help us with this mistake. It turns out that United misspelled her name and therefore she was not able to get a boarding pass. United made us call your... More...
  • UA4460

    You are so inconsiderate of people's time and money! How is it that we arrive on time but the plane doesn't so you make us stay overnight in an unknown city and decline to help provide us with a hotel?? I have been given 6 tickets to try to get me to my destination (this is just one-way) I didn't even get these many tickets when I flew to Europe (with another airline of course). We have been told nothing but lies which creates huge disappointment with United! Maybe on the 6th try we can finally get to our destination! Way to set high standards! Warning customers... Apparently... More...
  • ticket refund

    we had ticket out of cancun on first class. we were late leaving. because crew did not know what time we left. time change. we arrived in houston only to miss our flight to indianaplois. they could not get us on flight until next day. but no first class. i think we need compastaed for not get the flight we paid for. we had also to pay for an extra day for our vechile in indianapolis. i think we need renbursed More...
  • reimbursement

    my name is pablo taracena, my problem is that I have two rebates flight, date to be bought .. April 19, 2014 first flight ..... .... 0167362076633800 # 9327232 united TX ... second flight 9322732 0167362083458800 TX passages were purchased by Expedia the 19/04/2014 with a Visa card, because i want to buy a ticket for the date 19/02/2015, return the price is $ 530.73 and pay the remaining with my Blast I urged as tickets go up in price every day thanks for your help More...
  • Voucher

    April 2014 I was given a voucher due to my flight being overbooked. I've recently moved and I'm unable to locate the voucher. Please assist me as I would like to secure a flight to travel and use the voucher prior to the expiration date. Additional information will be provided once a representative has contacted me. Thank you More...
  • Delayed flight missed connection

    We paid a ton of money to get my son home for a surprise party. United airline flight was delayed resulting in him missing his connecting flight. His stay was only for 48 hours and now he has missed the surprise. This is so infuriating, we paid a premium to get him out here directly and now the evening is ruined. His flight info is 31OCT14 UA6233 V EUREKA, CA ticket number 0162423836435. United is the only large carrier to that location and he has 4 more years of college left. After this episode we will be very hesitant to fly united ever again. No compensation has been offered and... More...
  • Frequent Delays Lead to loss in Business

    Hi, My flight US 267 on October 2nd, 2014 at 7.20 am got cancelled, due to which UA staff booked me for next flight UA5794 at 9.15 am. I was not boarded on this one either, due to over capacity. Thereafter, they booked me for next flight US4229 at 10:47 am, which also got delayed and started at 11:45 am. I reached Houston around 1.15 pm. This entire journey made me cancel all my critical meetings in Houston. Also, my trip to Dallas was shifted to next day due to these delays. O went through lot of difficulties due to this journey. I would like UA to compensate me for such a bad... More...
  • change fee

    We received "eTickets" from my sister-in- law for a flight to Houston ,which we scheduled for July 23, 2014. I ended up in the hospital on that day with a stroke. My sister -in-law contacted the airline to see what we had to do to be able to use these tickets at another time without a change fee. The told her to fax a letter form the Doctor and Cardiac Care unit for proof that I was actually in the hospital. We did that on 7/24/14 to fax #(713)790-1789. I contacted United to reschedule our flight for Nov and was told there would be a $220.00 per person change fee! Please... More...
  • extension or refund

    The ticket I have I was unable to use and at this point cannot travel at this time, I know I could book a flight out aways and pay the $200 dollar charge, ( which I do not have at this time. I would prefer a refund , but if not possible would nee a year extension. The commotion number is MCREV2, and needs to be poked by Nov 17th. My daughter in law paid on her card, but I have paid her for the ticket. Hoping you can refund and do thank you for your time. My e-mail is benkrusein@cox.net , Sincerely, Brenda L. Kruse More...
  • Seat Change

    on my recent trip to DCA on united flight 478 my seat assignmnet was changed without ewxplanation. On August 1 I board flight # 5166 in New Orleans en route to Houston. I arrived at next gate of departure for DCA jut as they finished boarding my group 2. I proceed to boarding and when agent scanned my ticket it dinged. She said you seat has been changed. Now they were in process of boarding, and to avoid delay I proceeded to board. When I arrived at DCA I was told to go online in reference to the complaint. Now had I been asked about switching and changed to another aisle seat like I... More...
  • Annoyed

    My mother and my bags were lost and no one would help us. The person dropped of the wrong bag to me and my bag is still missing. My mother and I had a bad experience because of something being wrong with a plane when we were trying to board in Seattle Washington coming home to New Orleans. We had to 5 hour delay and I had to ask what would happen to our connecting flight. When I asked the reboarded us on another flight to San Francisco which caused us to get home about 8 hours later than we were suppose to If we would have taken the normal flight to Texas we would have had to sleep over in... More...
  • damage medical equipment

    on 5/31 I reported damage to some medical equipment to the Seattle Airport baggage desk, Mrs christene lee and was told that she could not help and to report it online, I called the baggage resolution center and spoke with an individual identifying himself as Vivek A who refused to transfer my call to his supervisor and told me I had to return to the airport (2hrs away) an report it there. More...
  • Refund

    My Flight #4967, Chicago O'Hare to Austin, TX, yesterday 5/28/14 was to depart at 1:22 pm and we finally got to board the plane around 6:00 pm. The delays were NOT due to weather. The first delay was due to mechanical problems that seemed to be resolved within the first hour. Numerous delays after were due to the fact that our flight did not have any crew members. I find it difficult to understand how a flight can be scheduled with no one to fly the plane! I also find it difficult to understand that I had to wait 4 and 1/2 hours due to delays for a flight that takes 2 and 3/4 hours! I... More...
  • reimbersement

    I have bought a round trip ticket from SFO to Tehran for 18th of April. On 2nd of April I was taken to Washington Hospital emergency by an ambulance due to a Seizure. My doctors recommended that I should not travel for at least 3 months until the specialist's further re-examination. I canceled my ticket and United Airline is keeping $325 of what I have paid. I have sent my doctor's letters to the airline. Why are they not fully refund what I have paid. My airline ticket number is 0167353165841. Thank You, Fatemeh Majlesi (510) 565-2256 More...
  • Flight Cancellation

    At 9pm the night before our scheduled flight from Richmond, VA to Chicago, we received a text message that our flight was canceled: "UA510 to Chicago on May 12 is canceled due to crew availability." Three hours later we managed to secure a flight for the following day. This one day delay cost us: $25.00 in prepaid baggage fees, $200.00 in lodging, $44.00 in Hertz car rental fees, and an additional $102.00 in "preferred seating" on rebooked flights. The agent who rebooked us didn't assign us seats, nor did he mention there were no economy seats available. The... More...
  • refund requested

    To whom it may concern: I want to describe the succession of bad services provided by the company United Airlines , and request my correspondents rights, given that improper service provision infringed my rights as a constumer and caused me personal financial and professional disorders. I bought round-trip ticket to the U.S., with the following description: São Paulo - Philadelphia ( with connection in Houston ) - Departure from São Paulo on 26 / 04 at 21:00 (flight UA 978) Arrival in Houston at 05:15 . - Departure from Houston on 27/ 04 at 07:15 (flight UA 348)... More...
  • 01623957491170

    On 1/13/2014 I make reservation for a round trip to austin to cancun mexico 1/27/2014 to go everything went fine,But When I came back on 2/4/2014 I arrived on the airport in cancun Mexico. 2 hour before my flight. I went to check in with mr Guiermo Delgado he asked me for my passport after 5 minutes he told me he cannot find.My reservation and I answered him what so he tried again and it still negative so to Make it short i told him i Have plan ready so what we can do so he told Me You can buy another ticket AND I said hOW much so it was 597.97. I answered what double price of my... More...
  • Unsatisfactory service

    My 18 year daughter traveled per United Airlines to see us for Christmas. The first problem was in Memphis, Tn were her plane was delayed which made her miss her connection in Houston,TX to College Station. My husband received an automated message from United saying that she would not get another connection flight until tommoro. My husband took off work to drive to Houston to get her. Our daughter had very little money with her because we expected it to be a short fight. She also had no cell phone. We were not going to leave our 18 year old daughter alone in a terminal for the night. She... More...
  • Regarding $75 Electronic Ticket

    Hello, I had purchased a ticket to fly in February of 2011, but the sales representative had accidentally charged me a $25 fee. Katherine Brennan, at United Airlines Customer Care had very kindly extended the $75 E-certificate for me. Unfortunately, I have been very busy with having to work, and have not had the opportunity to take time off to travel. Katherine Brennan had emailed me the following "Goodwill Electronic Certificate" of $75, in February of 2012, but I still was not able to travel, due to work. Could you please kindly extend the E-Certificate for me? Here is the... More...
  • Cancelled flight

    I was on a flight from Dallas/ Ft. Worth to Fargo N.D. and made connection in Chicago at Ohare airport on Monday November 11th-the connecting flight was experiencing delay after delay,then we were told that we were just waiting on a flight attendant and we would board the plane- around 17:30 we were told our flight was cancelled. nI was then booked on several different flights that were overbooked. Finally I was put on a plane to Minneapolis and flew to Fargo the morning of the 12th. As a result of the cancelled flight and the slow progress United personell made in order to get me another... More...
  • Bereavement

    On Wednesday Oct 9th I had to book two emergency tickets from Chicago to Toronto both one way. The reason was a failing family member who passed. Due to the quick change in her health I did not have time to request bereavement at the time. I would like to request a bereavement rate on these tickets. The confirmation number is CFVML9. Can you please help me with this issue. If you need additional paperwork please let me know what else I need to do. More...
  • Ticket Voucher

    I was on a U.S. Airways flight 48 on May 19, 2013 confirmation number CDGHED. Over 30 people had to get off the flight and I was given a United voucher for a future flight. I have misplaced the voucher but my ticket number was 0160100105130.I need to use my voucher very soon and was hoping to purchase my ticket buy Oct. 27, 2013. Thank you for helping me resolve this issue by re-iussing my voucher. More...
  • Need a refund

    Itinerary Number 161221252285 I was scheduled to take a flight out on United on Tues., Aug 13 to Midland, TX. On the way to the airport I had car trouble and missed my flight out. I called United and the agent booked me on a flight out the next morning. She kept my returning flight as it was originally booked. She explained to me I would have an additional charge of $50.00 for the change - I agreed to it. I have received my credit card bill in the mail and it reflects a charge of $426.69 for the original flight and another charge of $498.10 for the modified flight. Please review your... More...

  • Damaged bag

    I took an international flight from India to San Francisco, and the Hong Kong to SFO was covered by United. Both my checked-in bags were missing at the SFO airport, so I filed a delayed baggage claim. When I called to check the status, they said the report was not filed correctly, so they took my details on the phone again. I got my bags the next day evening. One of my bags was severely damaged with the side base portion completely broken, rendering the bag unusable. When I took it to the SFO airport the very next day (since it has to be done within 24 hrs of collecting the baggage), they... More...

    I changed planes in Chicago and arrived in Minneapolis on Flight 685 at around 8:00 pm. My bag was missing. I filed a report with several other passengers whose bags were missing. The next day United baggage called to say they had found my bag and would deliver it to me. They delivered the WRONG BAG. Somehow the baggage personnel had mixed my tag up with another customer's and United delivered us each the other person's luggage. None of this is outrageous. It can happen because we're human and we make mistakes. A woman from UNITED BAGGAGE IN MINNEAPOLIS phoned me... More...
  • Ticket # 0162100832566

    I booked round trip flight (UA 0334) from Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL for my family. However, my wife decided to stay home with our 15-month baby instead of taking chances with airport delays due to expected snow storms in Midwest region. I called the Customer Service line and requested that the ticket of my wife be cancelled. I was told that if I cancel one both of the tickets would be cancelled. Then I told the persona that I do not want cancel my ticket but only that of my wife. He said he could cancel the tickets and then put me to a flight that was leaving one hour after my original... More...
  • Damaged Baggage

    I did not get any satisfaction from what was promised me about the baggage that was ruined. Personnel at the Las Vegas airport baggage claim department - rude and not very helpful. No one will take responsibility for damaged luggage, not TSA, nor United Airline. I never recieved the travel voucher that I was promised for my troubles either. This is not the first time this has happened when I have departed from Colorado Springs airport. More...


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