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United Airlines Feedback - Recent flight on United prooves they are out of money
United Airlines Feedback

United Airlines Feedback


Recent flight on United prooves they are out of money

A recent flight on United left me feeling like I was in a third world country. The plane was so old and dingy, food was lackluster, crew were apathetic to passenger needs (and overly made up I might add...yuck!). The entertainment provided was an OLD movie that I think we've all seen a zillion times might have been brought in from the crew's home collection of VHS tapes, it was so old. The carpets had not been cleaned before we boarded and there were no magazines or newspapers available. Nor were there any blankets despite the freezing cold temp of the plane. I paid extra for first class and can't even imagine what the back of the plane looked like.

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fusballer says: (3 years ago)
I ,am making a reservation for a flight from Oma to Ham in July.

and found the flights I wanted! But I could not print the info, one of your nice agent told me that I could not print the Info. till I booked a flight? WHY? I needed that Info. to show my Partners , if this would be OK. Klaus

barbarascott says: (3 years ago)
I was recently a passenger on a United Airlines round trip flight from St. Louis to San Jose, with a stopover in Denver. On the outbound flight I received 14 text messages from United. Really, one or two would have been sufficient. I paid $25.00 each way to check my bag. I am 77 years old and cannot possibly lift a bag over my head into a baggage compartment, only to arrive at the gate to learn if I had brought my bag down to the gate, I could have checked it for FREE. I find this unacceptable. I would like a refund of $50.00.

BrittanyCEdwards says: (3 years ago)
I am disgusted with the customer service of this airline. In August was my very first time getting on a plane. I was going to St. Louis to visit my boyfriend from August 6-10 of 2014. My first flight was delayed due to the original plain we were supposed to be flying had a bad engine. The seats were hard and uncomfortable. I decided to extend my fight in St. Louis so I called on August 9th to extend my flight and the customer service representative charged me an additional $200. She said because of the deal that I just took advantage of, she said that I would be receiving a $29.40 credit via email I waited until November to make a phone call because I figured these things would take time. I called on November 4th and spoke to a representative and she said that she would resend the credit in my email and it would take between 3 to 7 business days to show up. I waited again and still never revived my credit. I called back on November 18th and the customer service representative said the exact same thing and I still have not received my credit. I'm extremely disappointed in service with this company because I should not have to call back and be lied to twice about it $29.40 credit. This is very disappointing and I will be contacting other Business Bureaus to let them know of this horrible customer service and lack of employees doing their job. I want my credit.

tiges says: (4 years ago)
My compliant is for united airlines agent located in Chicago O’Hare airport my brother flight was on Jun 29 2014 he has three luggage and they have policy if you are flinging international two luggage are free the third one is $200
But just because the employee over in Chicago O’Hare airport don’t do their jobs correctly and they don’t really know their job I have to pay 350 dollars when I supposed to pay only 200 dollar
I complain the airlines the same day. I submit refund I received email the same day with ticket number and trucking number but after that I never heard from the airlines I kept calling they were no help they don’t have direct number to the refund
Finally on July 14, 2014 I contact them and told them you didn’t send me the refund yet and they said it is denied because you don’t have the proof, so I lost my $150 dollar
I fly most of the time with South west airlines and they are the best I recommend southwest airlines, never have problem with them, they are very professional, very friendly, and more importantly they know there job.
So I suggest to anyone who is traveling with the united airlines make sure you check the weight of your luggage before you pay and also before you travel have all the necessary information printed out so you will not get rip off like me. My luggage was 50lb, but the person who was in charge at that time by the name Shatiana who is very rude, unprofessional, very loud, who said for South Africa you pay for 50lb $350 dollars, I lost my $150 dollar

upsetflyer says: (4 years ago)
My name is Louis Jackson, my family and I was connecting flights with United Airlines in San Fransico to Kansas City. Our boarding time was 6:05 p.m. At gate 84-D. We tried to board at 6:15 P.M. The plane departing time was 6:30 P.M. Your staff refused to let us board the plane. This plane was sitting there for at least 15 minutes before taking off. We went down to customer service close to 80 gate area. We were informed that the plane gates are not to close until 10 minutes before. My wife and son were so fired up , as well I. We would really like to talk to someone in authority so this doesn't happen again, to us or anyone else. Because of this harsh way of dealing with your customers we are very disappointed with the United Airline service. We are frequent flyers. We feel like our flight tickets should be reimbursed because we didn't make it to our destination for the day we were scheduled. Because of your unreasonable staff members we could not board the plane. If your own rules say not to close the gates until 10 minutes before , it's your duty to uphold the rule. Contact me at barbara.a.jackson@hotmail.com or ljackson42@hotmail.com.

sharifa says: (4 years ago)
United airlines need to pay attention and improve their services. Recently I took a flight to Hamburg Germany. I felt like they are totally out of it. The employees were rude, the schedule were changed and cancelled very often. The food was very bad and the flight crews most of them they did not wanted to be disturbed!

The plan was old and looked not very safe!!

lebron says: (4 years ago)
Departure from Dayton Ohio to Hawaii, was not made because United entered the wrong name on passenger ticket for this date Sun April 20, at 4.40 am. Customer service agent refused to correct problem. I missed the flight, a business trip to Hawaii because of this incompetent United employee. No supervisor was available to assist me and or my business associate. Shame on you United, you will never get a recommendation about your Airline service from me.
Arturo Lebron
Con # G9QER8 and G2Q5ZT

donlinda says: (4 years ago)
my name is lind anderson my husband and i wwre on flight 387 out of orlando fl. on feb 28 2014. we had a 6 hour delay because a flight attendent got ill. that was total understandable, but what happned in denver was not.we were told that we would have a motel room which we did all though i understand it was a dump, you see we did't make it that far because the shuttle taht you said would be waiting for us was already gone.we spent the knight in the airport.w were the lucky ones. you would think that you send a person to check out the motels to see if the wre fit for humans. we look for help in the denver airport but there was no one to help. we don't want anything from you we just tell everyone we know anf ou travle agent not to fly united. we can understand why no one would come out and and take our fight if you treat you employs like you passengers. and there was one agent hes last name was diaz i belive was really rude to people before we even knew taht the flight would be delayed that she got worse. Hope to not fly united again sincerly linda and donald anderson colstrip mt.

Poppysgirl says: (4 years ago)
My confirmation no. PLK4FN. I traveled with nine other women to Mexico City on 2/8/2014. While on our fight we were discussing cost of flights and miles. It came to my attention that two of the women were charged 35,000 miles and I was charged 52,500. I booked a month ahead of them. Something wrong with this picture. When I called United regarding this I was given what I call a baloney story. We do this trip every year. However last year my husband was very ill and I couldn't go. The other two women were in seats 35D and 34D on the way home. However, our 2/15/14 flight was cancelled and it cost us $180.00 for the extra night per room. I never had this problem when I flew CONTINENTAL. I would like the difference in mileage placed back in my account. Please advise.

shed23 says: (4 years ago)
I was very disappointed in my flight going and coming. My confirmation # is K04QSJ. I arrived in Chicago from Denver to find out my flight to Madison had been cancelled because of weather. I went to the customer service desk and the young man told me he didn't think any more flights to Madison WS were going out so he advised me to take the bus so I did. On my trip back I went to the Madison airport to fly back out to find out my whole trip back had been cancelled because I took the bus! The lady told me that the guy handled it wrong so she had to rebook my return trip. When I got to Chicago and changed planes, our plane had a mechanical problems so they put us up in a motel and I had rebook for the next day, which made me miss a extra day at work. Worst trip ever! please get back to me @ 308-360-3447 cell or 308-282-2183 my e-mail address is Shedeed.Nancy@yahoo.com but I want to talk to a representative so please call me.

toconnor says: (4 years ago)
my last flight was good agents were nice on and off the plane. From a scale from 1 thru 10 i score united # 8 . There was one gentlemen who not only helped me but also was very professional in helping everyone that day it was very busy. Anyway I work for a fortune 500 company and we get rated all the time and it's nice when you get good feed back . So kodos to Mr. Lance Dufner for a job well done . Keep up the good work you were noticed by everyone that day I'M sure.

sinha001 says: (5 years ago)
I took flight (UA758)from Minneapolis to Chicago and then to Los Angeles on september 12th and again UA flight 1120 from LAX to SFO on Sept. 19th and return to Minneapolis on UA 662 on Sept. 22nd. While I hold UA/chase/card, last numbers are 1280. The flights were booked using the above credit card. Flight Confirmation number was D4L2QW and frequent flier # GS566947, yet I had problem checking free bag as the card states. I had to be processed after waiting and I did get free checked baggage. There was some problem. I will greatly appreciate if this problem does not happen on other united flights. Thanks.
Akhour A. Sinha

CMATIAS says: (5 years ago)
To whom it may concern,

Hello. My name is Carlos Matias. I had a sceduled flight to fly from Indinapolis to Doha Qatar on the 21ST of September 2013. The flight was canceled due to mechanical issues. I was put in a hotel and given meal tickets. The meal tickets were not honored at the hotel due to they were exspired. I was sceduled to fly the next morning. That flight was also cancelled due to lighting issues. Because I didntfly on the date i was suppose to fly I lost $1500 from my job. I am a contractor. I was charged a $200.00 fee because my bag was over weight. I just checked my bank account and come to find out United charged me twice for that fee. So I had to call United for a refund. The call I had to make cost me $50.00. By dealing with United. I lost a over $1500.00. I am a American and I do my best to fly airlines based in America to support our country but WOW. All i have when dealing with United are major issues. I am very very disapointed with United. I hope someone from United reads this and does something about this. :(

Michele62 says: (5 years ago)
Very unhappy with united airline for leaving us stranded in Washington for 5 hours.
People that work for them were no help and didn't care . Will never fly with United again because they suck and do not care about there customers.

hobox7shadow says: (5 years ago)
recently i planed a trip from vages to clev.to fnt. we took off at 12.50 am and wended up in huston because of problems with the wing flaps.. we landed and of corse it was a mad rush to the service counter to try to get the flighs back on track, well at that service counter there was two ladys who were there and it seamed into about 20 min into this troubl ,one of the ladys decided to take a 15 min break and left about 100 people in line and one lady to work her but off. then after a bit another person came out to help. in all this process the flight to flint was boarding and not alot of time and some people had to stay the night cause of no flight.. in this process of me getting my flight enroute to flint the lady was very nice and she also game me 2 10.00 dollar voulchers to use for food. well hearing of some other people noy getting there and i had to board my flight, i gave these vouchers to someone else to use cause i new i was flying back on a different airlines. the vouchers were only good for 24 hrs also.. at the time of boarding the agent also gave everyone a 5 dollar voucher to use and this was good for the reat of jusy.. on my return flight i tryed to use this ticket and in was not valid even though it said it was and i still have it. then we took off from huston and got to clevland and i had about 1/2 hr to catch this flight and guess what it was delayed because that flight was also having trbl with the plane and we had to wait about 1 1/2 hrs for that flight to arive from flnt

so all in all i was to arive in flint at about 1.15 and did not get into flint till about 6.00 or so and my people had to wait all this time and had to drive down 2 hrs to pick me up so i really had a bad experience of flight lost a half day of vacation and from the time i left my house at 8:00 on the 16th of july to get to my vacation point at 8:00 it took 24 hrs of flying and troubled planes i fly only a couple time a year and dont make much money and i have to say this has ben the worst flight ever i hope u take notice and dont blow this off jeff hammond 928-303-4387 or jeffery0550@yahoo.com

lili90 says: (5 years ago)
Please for God sake train your staff! or at least teach them ethic! His name was Carlos P. yesterday at DFW airport: Rude,churlish who does not even know his job. In addition to the canceled flight, he made me miss the next flight, lose my money and he messed up all my connection flights. Thanks to Audrey Mitchelle another agent who tried to fix that but never ever again with united!

UCpat1 says: (5 years ago)
I would like to comment about one of the United Airline employees. On Sunday, June 30,my departure from Newark to Cincinnati turned out to be a nightmare. With most flights being either delayed or cancelled (due to mechanical problems so they said)all of the passengers were scrambling around to make new connections as I was in the same boat. To my delight, I met one of the most efficient reservationist who found me a flight to get back home. Her name was Dana Bilyk who maintained her professionalism and composure in the chaotic scene which was taking place inside that terminal. Kudos to Dana for her help and United should be aware of her good work.
A passenger who deeply appreciated her help.

timo123 says: (5 years ago)
pls provide me the information of the airline credit of this passenger named Timothy John Trevan , UA confirmation code fsk7xx, ticket no. 0167061748040 original departure date august 30 2012, original purchase date may 16 2012


rpc36903 says: (5 years ago)
good afternoon, we're up leaving on a trip with my husband next Sunday, with united, of course! we are really loyal passengers.
the fact is that last year's trip you gave us an electronic travel certificate , 80.94 dollars for us. you refuse to return it to us in cash or by credit card. and also put restrictions on use: just to buy flights united, no tickets of united partners.or others aplications like upgrades....
now I want to use it, because will expire in September and would like to buy an economy plus.

what I wonder is if you can give me a solution, the maturity is early in september 19th 2013
with united we never had problems of any kind, this is the first problem that puts us bad because it is a question imposed and unjust.
money is ours.
at least give us a greater expiration date!
waiting for your early reply,
I cordially greet

onemorecomplaint says: (5 years ago)
I travelled from Newark, NJ to San Francisco March 10 returning on March 15, 2013. At the time, I was using my frequent flyer miles. I was told the round trip ticket was 25,000; however, I was charged 50,000 miles. This is a problem of giving false information. I plan to use up my remaining miles and then not use my United Charge card ever again!. Plus, to get hold of a reservation clerk is impossible. I have waited over 18 minutes and once I never go hold of anyone at all. The phone just went dead!

sofire says: (5 years ago)
on December 21,2012 i traveled with United Airlines for the first time and definetly the last. I had the worst experience i would never recommend United to ANYONE. the customer service was horrible,no assistance, very rude and useless. to top it all off when i arrived to my first destination my secound flight got cancled, i waited in the airport for my bag for 6 hours until i gave up waiting, went to customer service to find out that my bag left on a flight without me. My vacation was one week and the entire time i did not have my bag, i had to buy clothes to wear because united misplaced my baggage. i did not get to enjoy my trip because i spent all my money on clothing which never should have been the case. United is unorganized and unprofessional.


abdalij says: (5 years ago)
Hi everyone;

My name is Abdali, Jila and my Family and I are the loyal customer for quite a few years. My last trip from Sacramento,CA to Ottawa, Canada on 12/16/2012 and returned back to Sacramento,CA on 12/24/2012. It was for my son's engagement party. I had a sad story and I'm hopping that you could give me some cridet to make me feel better. The story is as follow: On the way back to Sacramento,ca on 12/24/2012, my family and I were sitting close to each other geeting ready for 6 hrs flight to LA, Ca. The flight attendant came asking if anyone could help a family of four with a child and an infant. They wanted to set together, so the parents could help each other. Noone replied, and I was trying to understand the situation and switch my seat with mom plus the infant. My seat ended up being right next t the restroom and OMG the Airplan was packed which means every two minutes someone or more than one person was using it and every time they opened the door it smelled very bad. The other problem was that the door was defective and didn't close all the way even if no one was in the restroom I smelled it anyway. It has been a very very bad experience for me. I felt nasious the entire time. I covered my face with a blanket. I was trying to share my experience with you hopping to get some reward from united airline. We my husband, I and two of our children are planning to plan another trip to Ottawa, Canada this comming sommer for my son's wedding insha'Allah and hopping that we could get some dicount for our future trip. Please let us know if your airline could do something for us.

Thank you for your understanding and have a happy and healthy new year!

Tel: 916-400-1345

chanda says: (6 years ago)
i hate united airlines very rude people non helful and i will never fly with the airline again.i will tell everyone to stay clear of giving them business,and i plan to post this on facebook as well.and i will contact better business to make a complaint,

gsosbee says: (9 years ago)
Recent History of My Efforts Against fbi/cia

The USA continues to be at risk of imminent terrorist attack in part because the fbi and the cia obsessively continue their criminal, covert, and inhumane assaults on people worldwide.
From Brownsville, Texas
August 7, 2007

As I have documented on my website at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
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Then, in the same month I filed the Writ to the U.S. Supreme Court, again detailing the gross abuse of power and criminal operations committed against my person by the fbi and the cia. See the Writ at:
and see the implications of the denial of the Writ at:
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Several so-called Indy Media groups delete the above article; for example, Ireland Indymedia trashed the report, even though it generated genuine interest there.The link to the discarded report:
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...I cannot presently respond to e-mails/phonecalls.gs

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fbi/cia illegal funding of their global crime spree

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the banned report:

Ultimately The Markets Must Collapse!

Illegal funding for fbi/cia global terror campaign:
What needs to be funded?

How are the fbi/cia crimes funded?




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The evolution of the United States of America (and its similarly empowered and closely aligned cohorts around the globe) over the past two centuries from a so-called Democracy (i.e.: government by the people) into the now well known (and universally feared as diabolical and homicidal) fascist body politic can be attributed to a not yet fully acknowledged disease afflicting billions of people during the same time period. In essence, the disease may for now be termed * 'insanity', and those suffering from the affliction continue to be in denial, even as they repeatedly engage in their violent and otherwise murderous agenda worldwide. As few call for the medical treatment of the carriers of the disease, some action must be taken to control or perhaps to cure the affliction; failure to do so invites the members of the infected class to 1) continue globally to torture, imprison and murder millions of human beings in the name of 'Democracy' and 2) ceaselessly induct and thereby enslave the rest of the world's population into their demented and flagitious ranks. In a sense these very sick human beings represent the Living Dead among us as they advance with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide-opening and evil proclivities protruding:


* "Democracy As Mental Disease", From The American Journal of Insanity, 8:195 (Oct.), 1851,

The Age Of Madness, Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., Jason Aronson, New York, 1974, page 47.

knalibow says: (9 years ago)
Flight 946 IAD toAMS - excellent equipment - most other carriers are using 757's, which are poor for overseas travel. great Economy PLUS seating - more leg room than on Lufthansa or Swiss! Excellent on-board personnel (departure 12 May, 2009). Great entertainment system,lacking on US AIR and Continental!

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